Apple users attacked by malware

The $49 malware was hacked and collected information on Mac users in 69 countries.

Millions of Apple users have been warned of a malware that steals information, records keystrokes, and takes screenshots on Macs.

"This is a scroll lock for all Mac users. Everyone should check for these malware and remove us immediately," Forbes quoted Ekram Ahmed from Security Checkpoint.

"This is an official piece of software with very malicious goals and functions. It collects information from various web browsers, saves screenshots, monitors symbols, downloads and executes files. commands from the Command-and-Control (C&C) of the Server," Yaniv told Balmas, the company's head of network management.

This threat originates from a well-known malware called Formbook. According to Check Point, the software changed its name to Xloader in 2020 and has continuously attacked Windows and Mac users for the past 6 months.

According to Ahmed, this software attacks faster and deeper than its predecessor, it will likely continue to grow and become more dangerous later this year.

The Check Point report shows that Mac products are increasingly vulnerable to attacks. The increasing popularity of Mac users is the reason for these attacks.

Balmas believes that most users are overconfident about the security of the Mac. In fact, it is very difficult to stop hackers once they start participating in this ecosystem.

Check Point said hackers can buy a license for this malware for as little as $49 to perform data-stealing activities.

These attacks originated from some Microsoft Office files containing malware that were sent via email. Check Point has been tracking Xloader activity in 69 countries since December 2020, with more than half of the victims in the US.

Formbook and Xloader Development

Check Point urges users to check the LaunchAgents folder that is often hidden in the library, thereby detecting suspicious files and deleting them. Specifically files like “com.wznlVRt83Jsd.HPyT0b4Hwxh.plist.” Users should also have a reputable anti-virus software on their personal Mac and should not trust Apple completely.

In addition, Balmas also advises users not to open attachments from unknown sources and be wary of links sent in email and messaging apps on Mac.

Apple also acknowledged the presence of some malware on the company's Mac lines.

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