4 ways to check Android smartphone battery life

Checking battery life is the fastest way to determine the performance of a smartphone. An old machine with a brand new battery shows it has been repaired.

Checking the condition of the battery is necessary after you use the phone for a long time. During the charging and discharging process, the phone battery will gradually become less efficient at holding power. This means you need to charge your phone more and pay attention to the battery life when using it.

We have many ways to test smartphone battery. The basic method only tells you what the current battery capacity is and encourages disabling unnecessary apps. In addition, you can also access more in-depth information depending on the phone model or install specialized applications.

Check battery status from Settings menu

This method will allow you to check the battery usage of your Android phone. Note that the Settings menu may differ in wording due to different manufacturers.

  • Find the category “Battery” in the Settings menu
  • If you can't find the “Battery” category, look for the “Battery usage” category.
  • Here you can see the battery status of the last 24 hours and which apps are used the most.
  • If you want to disable or force stop an app, tap it in this menu. You will have options to force stop, completely turn off and optimize settings.

Some phone companies like Xiaomi or Google will display the current battery temperature. Although this is not a parameter you have to check often, a battery temperature below 50 degrees Celsius is completely normal.

Check battery status by code

Some Android phones have a hidden menu that you can access by entering a code into the dial pad.

  • Enter the code *#*#4636#*#* into the phone app's numeric keypad.
  • When you enter the last "*", your phone will take you to the test menu.
  • Look for the heading “Battery Information”. If not found, your device is locked by this method.

Check battery status on Samsung phones

Samsung provides a battery health check feature through the Samsung Members app.

  • Open the Samsung Members app and select “Help” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Test Interaction”.
  • In this list, select the item “Battery”.
  • You'll see Samsung Members rate your phone's battery life.

Check battery status with separate app

If the above methods do not provide enough information, you need to use third-party software. You can use apps like AccuBattery, CPU-Z or Battery. They will display battery status, temperature and usage information.

All apps are free, but you need to pay for the Pro version if you want to remove ads or unlock extra features.

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