4 Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Every Business Must Face.

As the number of cyberattacks steadily increases, businesses need to strengthen the protection of one of their most valuable assets – data. To do this, they need to know where their weaknesses are, before taking measures to fill them.

1. Internet of things (IoT)

With ever-increasing connectivity between devices and systems via IoT, the once isolated attack will become a much more serious problem this time around. Attackers can find ways to break into a particular system through another "door" that they can more easily access. It is very difficult to control this problem, even if disconnecting between devices and systems is no longer an option as the world is still evolving.

2. Mobile / home / travel security

In modern organizations, employees often work while on the go or out of the office. This means that any network security implemented within the organization must extend beyond the office. Mobile devices and laptops need to be secure and employees should be informed of risks and response plans.

3.Lack of monitoring

To ensure that threats can be identified early, organizations must ensure that they have the right monitoring solutions in place. Abnormal behavior on the network and at endpoints should be flagged as soon as it occurs to reduce an organization's vulnerability to attacks or fraud.

4. People risk

Employees can be an organization's weakest link, but also its strongest defense system. A malicious employee could sell confidential information or even allow an attacker to break into the organization's network. An uninformed employee may even unknowingly "open the door" to attackers. However, an employee who is aware of the threats and has been trained in the signs to spot a breach becomes an organization's first line of defense. Make sure employees are familiar with the hazards and responses.

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