House cat wakes wife and sets off alarm

It was actually the house cat that set off the alarm in the apartment of jurgen and bettina lauterbach drawn. "She suddenly came in, jumped on my wife’s stomach, who was asleep, and started scratching. Bettina first thought, what does she want, but at the same moment she said it smelled like smoke."
Jurgen lauterbach then immediately ran out of the house, which is only a few meters away from the agricultural building, and then saw the flames already rising. He immediately made an emergency call.
At the same moment, a patrol car from the stadtsteinach police department arrived, having seen the flames from the federal highway. Lauterbach: "the officials already stood in the yard and had likewise dispatched an emergency call to the rescue control center in bayreuth."
Half an hour earlier, a girl had walked past the farmyard with her dog, but without noticing anything.
Jurgen lauterbach saw his former barn, where he used to keep up to 40 dairy cows, fall victim to the flames. According to the current state of affairs, it must be assumed that only demolition is still an option. The former farmer is no longer engaged in this occupation and is engaged in another activity. The damage may be in the six-figure range.

Cause of fire unclear

The cause of the fire is also unclear. The fire investigators of the bayreuth criminal investigation department were still expected to arrive on sunday yesterday.

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