The “brunnla” becomes the “brynla

The 'brunnla' becomes the 'brynla

Since the beginning of the year the building of discotheque and country inn in rothenkirchen has new owners. Now tilo hopf and christian martin open on 7. December her “brynla with bar, lounge and club. The country inn is scheduled to reopen in mid-2020.

Still planing, minor reconstruction work and work on the stage technology is being done. Christian martin and tilo hopf deal with the equipment. This included the use of spotlights, sound systems, decorations and projection mapping. "This is something special!" Says martin. The idea is to use a projector to illuminate arbitrarily structured surfaces in an adapted manner. That is why the walls around the dance floor were painted in female color.

Such mappings are suitable for almost any kind of stage events, whether for music and festive events or for theatrical productions. "With the mapping an own room is created in the room, which fits to the event."

A small oktoberfest

For example, explains christian martin, there are plans to hold a small oktoberfest next year. Accordingly, the backdrop will be kept in female/blue or in an alpine backdrop, the zombies and the feeling of dancing in a crypt could not be missing at the halloween party.

Christian martin and tilo hopf want to work with "brynla" creating a cultural offering for all generations. There will be a mix of comedy, parties, events and concerts. It should also be reminiscent of the rough times of the 70s and 80s.

The former country inn "treuner" becomes the restaurant "salt and pepper". During the reconstruction typical french materials like wood and slate will be used as well. According to martin, there are also plans for a fireplace where you can enjoy a glass of wine. It will be first of all a restaurant with a good french cuisine, adequate prices and an excellent quality. In the eaves area, the two entrepreneurs also want to dock a beer garden.

They are aware that the catering and event industry is not easy, says christian martin. "Finding good staff is the biggest problem!" Supplements tilo hopf. Now for the opening and for the christmas event on the 25. December it is mainly friends who support the two of them.

Martin speaks of a challenge. Despite everything it is a nice feeling to create something for the region and for the people.

The two men from neustadt came to the project in their capacity as real estate agents. They liked the "brunnla" immediately. A large part of the renovation work is done by christian martin and tilo hopf themselves. Martin calls it a blessing that both of them are talented craftsmen and that music and stagecraft with all its trimmings are his hobbies. "Otherwise the whole thing would be really expensive!"

They want to hold around ten events per season, from october to may, with a wide variety of characters. They also want to talk to the neighbors and the community. "A good cooperation is important!", according to martin. Unfriendly riots, pobleien in the middle of the night should be avoided as much as possible. Accordingly, the security will be instructed. Ultimately, hopf and martin are relying on visitors’ common sense to behave accordingly.

The "salt and pepper"-the restaurant will be open at least four days after the opening, martin continues. They are also prepared to lease this restaurant to others.

Fischer-double comes

But now christian martin and tilo hopf are looking forward to the christmas event on the 25th. December and the opening on 7. December, where "victoria" will also be present, the double of helene fischer , will be there. They are also looking forward to getting to know the people of frankenwald.

The building has a certain tradition. On 25. January 1979 was under the name "don quichotte" one of the first discotheques in the county opened. Existing in the same building were the traditional restaurant treuner and the butcher’s shop treuner. From december 1993 the building was mainly known as "discothek brunnla" known far beyond the county borders.

Since 2013, the fate of the country inn, the "brunnla", has been in the hands of the new owner and "schneiders biergarten" managed by live veranstaltungsservice gmbh. Everything was closed at the beginning of 2015. The former operator had filed an application for insolvency proceedings with the district court of coburg. At that time, the business was on the brink of collapse on carnival sunday.

For the former owners of the property, corinna and mirja treuner, and also for the organizers, the situation was not easy. Finally, on carnival sunday, more than 5000 visitors came to rothenkirchen. Finally, an operator was found in tobias heinlein, who ran the "brunnla" until a few months ago and during the season had opened twice a month. Now the new owners and heinlein are going their separate ways.

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