Christian bischoff: “the art of doing your thing”

Christian bischoff has a long professional sports experience. At 16, he was the youngest basketball league player of all time. He played two european championships for the junior national team and in the USA. There he had to end his career at the age of 19 due to a back injury. An immediate move to the bench, coupled with years of intense work, helped him become one of the youngest bundesliga head coaches at age 25. He worked with world coaches such as former national coach dirk bauermann and USA head coach mike krzyzewski.

After a total of 16 years, christian bischoff made the leap from professional sports to a life full of personal responsibility and freedom as an entrepreneur and success coach.

Christian bischoff is the founder of the seminar events "the art of doing your thing" – "the art of living self-determined" and "the art of finding happiness and fulfillment". In these events he systematically helps people to develop their own potential in the best possible way and to remove all mental and emotional hurdles.

Christian bischoff – the art of doing your thing (1). Marz, 19.30 o’clock, bamberg): "the truly successful are unstoppable. If you don’t stop yourself, nothing and no one will stop you. Being unstoppable is a mental attitude. I’ll show you how to develop the attitude to achieve your goals unstoppably – and thus also lay the foundation for financial success. Together we will look at how you can learn to charge for your expertise the price it deserves. Money can be your friend!"

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