Porsche pays millions in back payroll taxes

Porsche pays millions in back payroll taxes

According to the report, the company underpaid payroll taxes for employees in semi-retirement between 2009 and 2017. Porsche spoke of a calculation error that had persisted over the years. According to reports, this involves an additional payment of almost ten million euros. The amount had already been paid to the tax office a long time ago, it said. Previously, the newspaper "bild am sonntag" had reported that.

According to porsche, the stuttgart tax office had initiated administrative offence proceedings in june 2017 in connection with a business and payroll tax audit. Porsche AG had "willingly provided all documents and cooperated fully with the investigating authorities".

Porsche also stated that the company is currently "cooperating with the tax authorities on all relevant tax issues". Significant facts had already been worked up, reported and paid for in 2016 and 2017. The company has reacted to "possible expected tax payments" with security surcharges and lump-sum payments to the tax office.

According to "bild am sonntag", possible further objections by the authorities include company events, for which porsche must prove that they were business events. Porsche stressed that the company had taken "extensive internal measures" as part of the proceedings. This involves tax compliance audits, i.E. Systems designed to ensure that companies comply with tax laws and the requirements of the tax authorities.

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