Party note: spd calls for support for main loop railway

For many years, the SPD in the region has actively supported plans to reactivate the mainschleifenbahn railroad line. This is what the party writes in a press release. But even after the breakthrough, there are still stones to be cleared out of the way for the realization of the mainschleifenbahn, it says in the release. Mainschleifenbahn managing director wolfgang schramm reported on the current status to SPD members of parliament sabine dittmar and bernd rutzel from the federal parliament, volkmar halbleib from the state parliament, and local politicians from the participating districts at an on-site meeting at astheim-volkach station.

The partnership agreement between the initiative, the counties of wurzburg and kitzingen and the municipalities along the route has not yet been signed. According to the announcement, this should actually have been done by the end of september. The main issue is to secure the long-term commitment of the contract partners to the rail project. Schramm hopes that the contract will come into force at the end of 2020 at the latest and that the order guarantee from the bavarian railroad company (BEG) will be issued immediately afterwards.

An expert opinion is currently being prepared on the incorporation of the rail traffic of the mainschleifenbahn on the wurzburg-schweinfurt rail line. Among other things, this will determine how many points have to be installed near seligenstadt, with a correspondingly significant impact on the upcoming costs. But also stations and some sections of the route had to be cleaned up. Unfortunately, as schramm is quoted in the memo, the bavarian railroad company is constantly making further demands on the initiative, thus making the steps to regular railroad operation more expensive and lengthier.

According to the press release, volkmar halbleib, member of the state parliament, also called on the state government to support investments in the main loop railroad, which amount to at least 15.5 million euros, with pledges of support. This also applies to the necessary park-and-ride lots along the route, she says.

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