Lurz swims to olympic silver over ten kilometers

Lurz swims to olympic silver over ten kilometers

With a good final spurt, the wurzburger secured second place over the ten-kilometer course in serpentine lake in london’s hyde park. "I wanted to come here and win, but with a silver medal at the olympics you have to be satisfied," said lurz. In the end he was 3.4 seconds behind tunisian oussama mellouli, who won in 1:49:55.1 hours. "I couldn’t follow his speed, so for me it was the best possible game.

In the end I was only thinking about the silver medal," said lurz. He had concentrated in the final phase to control the chasing trio and to save power for the end. Third place went to richard weinberger from canada. Andreas waschburger from saarbrucken finished in eighth place.

Mellouli became the first swimmer ever to win a medal in both the pool and open water events. A week ago, he had climbed out of the pool in the aquatics center in third place in the 1500-meter freestyle event. In 2008 in beijing, the tunisian was the first african swimmer ever to win an olympic medal with his victory in the 1500 meters. His career was not all glory, however, as he was once banned for doping.

The balance sheet of the german swimming federation could give lurz a little bit of comfort. "I don’t know if we saved the swimming federation, but if you want to win something, you have to work your butt off for the sport, every day," said coach stefan lurz.

Highly concentrated ten-time world champion thomas lurz had strolled to the start with a white towel over his shoulder, then the race began. And how! Mellouli set an enormously high tempo in the initial phase. 32-year-old lurz never lost sight of the tunisian and swam in a controlled manner to stay in the lead. His female bathing cap was always to be seen far ahead in the murky water.

Together with the olympic bronze medalist from beijing, waschburger, who was yellow-carded early on, stayed in a good position for a long time in serpentine lake, which was officially between 21.1 and 21.4 degrees celsius. "Almost like a rough swimming pool, but a bit dirtier," is how brother and coach stefan lurz described the lake on friday, which had been polluted by the remains of swans and ducks.

At the halay point of the race, the 25-year-old from waschburg was leading ahead of mellouli and lurz – until the tunisian set the pace again in the penultimate round. First waschburger had to let it rub off. "I thought that if we swam him mude he would run out of steam by the end," said a satisfied waschburger. Later, lurz, world champion spyridon gianniotis from greece and weinberger were also unable to follow suit. At least lurz got some silver, even if it wasn’t quite the reward he had hoped for for his troubles over the past few years.

No one trains more than "thomsen," stefan lurz repeatedly emphasized. He has been looking after the younger brother since the death of their father peter, who was a long-distance coach in the german swimming federation (DSV) for many years. The man with the chronic shoulder problems swims "3000 or more kilometers" per year for the successes. In addition to his hours as a professional swimmer, the social pedagogue also wrote a book this year. How long the career will last, love thomas lurz openly. The 2014 european championships in berlin could be a goal, and the olympics in rio are not entirely out of the question.

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