Honors marathon at the tsv

TSV stangenroth's summer party was well attended in glorious sunshine. Numerous awards were presented to members. Introductory to the honors, board member stefan schmitt remarked that an association can only survive if it can rely on such a large number of regular members as TSV stangenroth currently has.

For this reason, the club expressed its special thanks to its long-time members as well as to the dedicated functionaries for their loyalty to TSV stangenroth. The honors were presented by honorary commissioner jochen schultheis together with board member andreas hauck. First of all was honored for 25 and. 40 years membership in the club with a certificate. From the BLSV there were for this the badges of honor in silver and/or. Silver with gold.

Also honored for 40 years of loyalty. Beyond that there were honors for 50 and 60 years. Three members were also honored for 70 years of membership. For this they received the badge of honor in gold from BLSV. Officers were honored for five, ten and 25 years, and elke metz for 35 years of service in a responsible position.

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