Herzogenaurach grune on a confrontation course

The meeting of the herzogenaurach city council on thursday, 25. June, includes twelve items on the agenda, mainly the annual financial statements and resolutions recommending the city’s subsidiaries to the shareholders’ meetings.

However, a motion by the green party and nicolai schaufler (die partei) entitled "sustainable mobility turnaround for herzogenaurach" was more likely to generate discussion the mayor of herzogenaurach and the parliamentary groups of the SPD and the CSU are concerned, because they demand a stop of the plans for the southern bypass and thus contradict the mayor as well as the parliamentary groups of the SPD and the CSU. The applicants are calling for a review of the aurachtal route. In contrast to mayor german hacker (SPD), for the grunen this motion is not against all reason, but a serious attempt to get final clarity on all possibilities for continuing a future-oriented mobility turnaround in herzogenaurach.

From a fundamental perspective, it is now time to consider how the city’s traffic development can be pushed further in the direction of sustainable mobility, the motion continues. Several possibilities are seen for this, including a possible aurachtal rail line. "That’s why, now that the stub is on stable footing, we would like to take the next step of examining whether an aurach valley line is additionally feasible under the conditions of the year 2020. For this, we need up-to-date, reliable and objective facts.", write the greens.

CSU should show its colors

An important factor in the feasibility assessment will be whether freight traffic is also possible on this route in addition to passenger traffic. This could not only improve the truck traffic problem in niederndorf, but also the delivery problem of schaeffler.

Unfortunately, the SPD and CSU had already made it much more difficult to reactivate the aurachtal railroad, since in december 2017 they had deallocated a 400-meter section of the aurachtal route for the sudum bypass project, because they wanted to save an adequate bridge for the planned sudum bypass.

From a fundamental point of view, both projects, the sudum bypass and the aurachtal route, would be impossible to implement side by side because they would take users away from each other. Here, the CSU will have to clearly show which side it is really on.

No one knows exactly how the economic situation will develop after corona. Therefore, the question arises as to whether it would not be sensible to retain financial leeway and to avoid "expensive and non-future-oriented projects such as the 40-million-euro bypass" to stop. As an added bonus, one of the last coarse ground areas in herzogenaurach would be preserved, thus strengthening environmental protection.

Call for home office

The corona crisis has also shown that the world of work is already changing. Home office increasingly popular among employees and employers. Therefore, through targeted incentives, it could be ensured that either fewer and fewer people have to drive to work at all or at least the start of work becomes more variable through home office. This could immediately and favorably relieve the current traffic situation.

In order to be able to press ahead with all these considerations, reliable facts and figures are needed as soon as possible, so as not to "go against all reason" to act. The first step is the feasibility assessment of the aurach valley route.

Daycare center will be finished later than planned

In an interview with the press, mayor hacker explained that very good results had been achieved in 2019 with regard to the balance sheets of the city’s subsidiaries. At herzo bader- und verkehrs-gmbh, the loss was lower than expected.

In the city area, the entire sewer system had to be scrutinized and a TV sewer survey carried out. As explained in the proposed resolution, by means of "panorama technology" will be around 20 kilometers of main sewers, 2600 pieces of connecting pipelines and more than 830 manholes inspected. The study will comprise ten sections and the city council will be presented with the submission of the second study section. The audited bid amount of the company baierle kanalservice from fremdingen-schopflohe is just under 445,000 euros.

Actually, the daycare center was supposed to be located in the "reihenzach development area" to be moved into in september. But this will not happen, because of the corona pandemic the mayor expects a completion in january or february next year at the earliest. In the meantime, the plans and the concept for the energy supply have been further developed, and the current status will be presented by the office of jb architekten from nurnberg.

In addition, there is still the application for "a construction market for herzogenaurach" the design majority of bundnis 90/die grunen, SPD, FDP and the party on the agenda.

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