In the district of forchheim 40 years ago: communities disappear, associations emerge

To the 1. In may 1978, something very lasting happened in the district of forchheim: the number of municipalities was effectively halved in the course of a territorial reform, from 61 to 29. The political goal was to professionalize the work in the town halls. Two communities ceased to exist in egloffstein, but two new associations took their place: the affalterthal guardianship association and the affalterthal local history association.

The people of affalterthal know how to celebrate, as they have been proving for decades with the former brunnleitenfest and today’s eichertreffen (tractor friends). The end of their community’s independence was also a cause for celebration. In brunnleitental, a marquee was erected and "celebrities" were invited invited and distributed certificates and gifts to the former municipal councils, while the village youth and the burghers were happy about free sausages and a mab of free beer.

A village within a village

It was another feat of strength for the small community of affalterthal in the run-up to incorporation. Since it was not known whether majorities could be found in the new municipal council for the desired construction projects in and around the village, the then mayor hans deuerlein quickly had two new water reservoirs and three farm roads built, which "opened up 107 hectares of usable land, deuerlein said at the time. In addition, the brunnleitental valley was developed at a cost of one million deutschmarks – today a village within a village – and the drinking water supply was expanded.

Quickly built

The situation in bieberbach was similar. Under mayor "hanni ziegler, community ditches with a length of about 20 kilometers were built, the schoolhouse and five water reservoirs were constructed, the cemetery was redesigned and sidewalks were built. After the children of bieberbach had finally left their own school, built in 1963, in favor of the new "central school" in 1975 after the people in egloffstein had had to leave, the very last meeting of the town council was scheduled for 1 january 2009. May 1978 also ended with farewell certificates and gifts for the town councils.

Silent protest?

Bieberbach had already "moved" from the district of pegnitz to the district of forchheim in 1972 in the course of the district reform," said deuerlein at the time must. One thing, however, the people of bieberbach have retained to this day: the soldiers’ comradeship still belongs to the district association of pegnitz in the county of bayreuth. Whether this is still a silent protest after 40 years?

In affalterthal at the "closing ceremony in 1978, at the suggestion of deputy district administrator paul lachmayer, a citizens’ association was founded "to further cultivate local interests and community spirit", so the reasoning. The suggestion fell on fertile ground. Many spontaneously joined the association. The mayor promised to donate a flag for the association. The "brunnleiten guardian association" was founded out of the burger club, it is now called the "affalterthal guardianship association. On 17. March 1979 the affalterthal local history society was constituted "in the presence of notable guests". Fritz preis, who was present at the time and was chairman of the french-swiss association (FSV), ensured that the local association joined the FSV as a local group. Ex-burgermeister hans deuerlein took over as chairman on. He also set the direction of the association’s work: maintaining hiking trails, promoting customs and acting according to the motto "unity is strength.

A brisk pace

The schutzen association also set a brisk pace: at a push by the godfather company on 16. April in nurnberg the foundation of the association was decided and on the 25. May 1978 completed. On 13. June was already the 85th anniversary of the. Association member reported and baptist pflaum is named as "association motor describes. On 13. In september, gudila freifrau von polnitz stepped in as 100. Member of the schutzenverein and heinz meier became the first schutzenkonig.

Construction aid from gobweinstein

The gobweinsteiner guardian association "gut ziel" provided reconstruction assistance, who allowed the affalterthal riflemen to do their first training as guests on his range and even provided their own club rifles for this purpose. By the end of 1978, the guardhouse with six stands was ready and the club had four rifles.

Rough festival in july

This time of association foundations will be commemorated on the last weekend in july with a big celebration: the local history association has organized a party for the 28th anniversary of the founding of the association. July the cabaret artist bernd regenauer and the folk music group "dadaraa" committed. The schutzenverein organizes a jubilee party and an open-air service on sunday. So once again there is a celebration in affalterthal.

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