Egerlander brass band brings the musikantenfruhling to a close

Beer table sets, weibwurst-fruhstuck and weibbier, sunbeams by the skylights and bohemian brass music – suitable framework conditions thus in the regentenbau. The visitors enjoyed the ambience as well as the aschach guests ulrike schmitt together with reinhold and johannes roth, who were in the front row. They were all three events.

Their conclusion: "we enjoyed the three days very much", so ulrike schmitt. The sunday finale rounds off with "weibwurst und blasmusik" (sausage and brass music) the whole says reinhold roth, who plays trumpet in the spa orchestra and in the aschach brass band. He is convinced of the musical quality of the three events. For him, folk music is a phenomenon that transcends generations. The folk music festival has shown that the city is a happy, open-minded town bad kissingen."

Also for thomas faber (feinkost-faber) it was two good days at the regentenbau and "considerably better than the year before." Admittedly the gala evening was "only" a "gala" a timely limited event "the guests were gone within 15 minutes after the end." Here one could to keep them a little bit longer with a dance offer. With sunday he showed satisfied, even if only just under 400 of the 550 seats were occupied. "Weibwurst with pretzels always goes", he said about the culinary offer.

For the egerlander brass band sunday morning was a home game. You know hall and stage, presented titles of the most famous composers for bohemian wind music with soulful and snappy waltz and polka melodies and vocal performances, that heart and spirit, which animated to sway and clap along. In between there were little stories and anecdotes, which patricia waldig recited and for cheerfulness provided. The instrumental presentations were – in new german "unplugged" – a real treat, so that one could talk to each other, which also made for a familiar atmosphere in the regentenbau provided. Accordingly, the applause was very warm, the mood good, but not overflowing.

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