Germans eat less meat – trend toward substitute products

Germans eat less meat - trend toward substitute products

How and what germans eat – federal agriculture and food minister julia klockner (CDU) revealed on friday (29). May 2020) in berlin at the presentation of the nutrition report. The annual report is based on a survey of 1000 consumers.

Even before the event, klockner gave an initial insight into the food preferences of germans. According to the report, regional agriculture is being valued more again, especially in the corona crisis.

Food report 2020 – meat consumption declines

According to the results of the "ernahrungsreport 2020" (food report 2020), which were made available to the newspapers of the funke media group in advance, 26 percent of those surveyed say they eat sausage or meat every day. In the first survey in 2015, the figure was 34 percent. According to the survey, last year it was above all the manners who reduced their meat consumption: in the previous survey, 39 percent of the manners questioned said they consumed meat products every day, this time it was 32 percent. Among women, one in five eats meat regularly.

Differences are also apparent between east and west. 36 percent of eastern germans said they had meat products on their plates every day. In western germany, this proportion was 24 percent.

For the first time this year, the researchers also asked about vegetarian and vegan substitutes for animal foods: five percent of the respondents said they regularly used vegetarian and vegan alternative products.

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