Engineers’ jubilarians met

A few days after the 50th anniversary. 19 of the former 34 graduates of the engineering department of the former state polytechnic coburg met to celebrate the anniversary of their graduation. On 19. July 1967 the graduates, aged between 21 and 29, received their engineering certificates after three years of study at the forerunner of today’s university of applied sciences or. Technical college coburg.
Ulrich neumerkel had organized an extensive program for his former students and their partners in coburg and the surrounding area. It began with a cosy get-together at the organizer in seidmannsdorf. As at each of the 14 meetings so far (six of them in coburg), memories were exchanged and, in particular, the six fellow students who have since passed away were remembered.
Almost all of the students, most of whom were from upper franconia at the time (including five from coburg), still have fond memories of their time studying in coburg. The majority of the graduates have also started their careers in france with construction companies or have become freelancers.
Some started their professional lives in munich, another in berlin, another in darmstadt. A graduate first worked in hamburg, then studied at the technical university of hanover, graduated as a graduate engineer, earned his doctorate and later became a professor at the technical university of augsburg.
The engineering graduates also paid a visit to the university’s design faculty. Professor kebler then explained the current structure of the university and the course of the eight-semester bachelor’s degree program in civil engineering.
The rest of the meeting was dedicated to the exchange and socializing of the jubilarians. Helmut schwammlein

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