To the igensdorf network

Lindenhof and lindenmuhle, the two hamlets, receive a new water supply and are connected to the igensdorf network. Until now they belong to the neighboring community eckental (district erlangen-hochstadt). Now the igensdorf market council has been able to award the contracts for the planned m.
The company diersch-bau from pegnitz will take care of the water supply in the igensdorf villages. The gross costs for this amount to 183250 euros.
For the painting and flooring work in the bookstore, the company berge from grafenberg submitted the most favorable bid of 28,232 euros and was awarded the contract.

Dangerous gelander

You are no longer allowed to lean on the gelander in the eckentaler strabe. "Otherwise you fall into the creek, said mayor wolfgang rast (IU) when describing the state of the country. A new metal gelander is now to be installed there. The company stahlbau schmidt has submitted the most favorable offer with about 41 000 euros and will be commissioned with work.
An interim report was presented by chamberlain alexandra krupp to the municipal councils. The income from taxes – 5,078,000 euros were planned in the budget – can be achieved or even surpassed. As for the loan, 800 000 euro that was planned in 2017 but not used, has now been borrowed.

Renovation of the lindelberghalle

Another loan of 1.5 million euros is included in the budget for the general renovation of the lindelberghalle. Meanwhile, the claimable costs have been determined at 1,069,000 euros. A loan for this amount has been requested from bank k. For the remaining 431,000 euros another loan will be taken out.
Krupp also pointed out where the deficits are increasing; in the postal agency, for example. The chamber therefore drew attention to the need for frugal budget management. 

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