Limmersdorf: they dance what the zeug halt

Limmersdorf: they dance what the zeug halt

If in limmersdorf kerwa is, all want to be with it. No wonder that a sea of umbrellas moved through limmersdorf on sunday afternoon in the pouring rain.

The platzmadla and -burschen were pretty much the only ones who braved the rain without protection. And of course platzhammel henry and his companions lena koslowsky and anna reichardt.

With henry the beginning is made
"When we are old enough, we also want to be platzmadla" 13-year-old lena emphasizes. "The fact that we've already driven the henry is a good start," says 13-year-old lena adds her friend anna, who is the same age, and who is already driving the hammel for the second time.

To make sure that henry doesn't break out during the procession, the two friends have tested the animal several times beforehand. But without music. Even if it is unusual for henry – in the end his appearance at the head of the procession works out very well.

Anna's sister carolin is already where her younger sister still wants to be. The 17-year-old is this year for the first time platzmadla. Together with their dance partner heiko unger and the three other dance couples, the two paraded through the village on sunday afternoon.

In front of the houses of the platzmadla there were drinks and people danced for all they were worth. After that, of course, it's back to the lime tree. It is finally the pivot of the lindenkerwa. And also in the next days the party will go on.

Monday it goes off already from 10 o'clock with the fruhschoppen. The pickup of the place boys follows at 14 o'clock, then the prize bowling starts. At 22 o'clock then the next auftriit of platzhammel henry is pending. It will be raffled and led with marching music to the new owner. But don't worry, for henry this is not forced to be a sad day. He will probably move to his new home, similar to the hammel from previous years, on a nearby paddock.

On tuesday evenings the "lizza" dug in again. But until then there is still time..

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