Dsl coverage and cell phone reception are lousy

dsl coverage and cell phone reception are lousy

Ziegler had informed about the general development of the city of eltmann with its districts. From robstadt, he reported that the renovation of the village thoroughfare should be completed in the fall of 2013.

This is significant for weisbrunn because the village renewal always shuttles back and forth between weisbrunn and robstadt. So in weisbrunn, the second phase of village renewal is to be tackled in 2014.

The local community of participants and the city are planning the reconstruction of lembacher weg. The road in the direction of the cemetery is undoubtedly one of the worst in the entire city area, said ziegler. After the lembach road, the village square, including the fire station, is on the agenda in weisbrunn. Also for this design suggestions are already compiled.

Dirt park a good community project
The people of weisbrunn received a great deal of recognition for their own efforts in building the dirt park. If it is tackled in this way, the city is happy to participate by assuming the cost of the materials. Even if some adults shake their heads at "such fashions", it's still not enough but such facilities also belong in a lively community, the mayor emphasized. The obstacle course is well received by young cyclists.

The new playground at the kindergarten will also be ready in spring; the equipment has been ordered and will be delivered in winter, ziegler announced. When the weather suits, they are to be erected. According to the mayor, the parents' association and the kindergarten association helped out – on the one hand by winning the sparkasse claim, and on the other hand by assuming the costs for a device.

The mayor said that he was not satisfied with the DSL coverage in parts of the city of eltmann and in some districts. The weisbrunner agreed to this. Wolfgang alka criticized the low performance of the internet. He could work much more often in his home office, but due to the poor DSL supply he could hardly use this offer of his employer. Mayor ziegler sees the problem.

Fiber optics are not affordable
Fiber-optic supply is currently not financially viable, which is why the city is working with telecom to find a different solution. From the central station in bamberger strabe in eltmann, new copper cables are to be laid to all parts of the town; these will then receive amplifiers, and so in weisbrunn 16.000 megabit has been achieved.

However, they were still waiting for the demand program announced by the state government (2013). 80 percent claim or a maximum of 500.000 euro could be received by the city. It is not yet certain that this solution will be allowed to be implemented. As in 2011, the tender must be technology-neutral. If a wireless solution is more favorable, we cannot implement this plan, ziegler explained. Further hurdle is the prescribed europe-wide invitation to tender. Without a grant, it would not be possible to carry out the development, as the project is estimated to cost around one million euros.

"Cell phone reception in weisbrunn is also a catastrophe", alicia pfuhlmann spoke up, her table neighbors from the youth fire department nodded in agreement. Ziegler replied that the city could not take any action at all here; it was dependent on the providers.

Then there are still conflicting interests in the case of cell phone masts. Because of the topography, there are residential areas in eltmann with poor or no cell phone reception. Some solutions have failed due to resistance from the people.
Marina gobhardt's proposal to cut down the old lime tree on trossenfurter weg and replace it with a smaller tree is to be discussed among the residents. The lime tree produces a lot of leaves in the fall, and many bleeds fall into her yard – she doesn't know what to do with the debris, she said. Jurgen zier was happy to preserve the lime tree. Michael ziegler assured that all residents would be heard before the building committee made its decision. The building committee also wants to take care of the damage to the mortuary that has been called for.

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