With great camaraderie “mountains moved”

With great camaraderie

For mayor siegfried decker (NG), three things make a champion and runner-up in soccer: "knowing, being able, wanting". Thus, the second team of FC neuenmarkt in a great final spurt managed the promotion to the district class, which was celebrated in a small setting.

What distinguishes the second team with its player-coach daniel warzecha apart from the football is the great camaraderie, which at the end of the season also proverbially "mountains" moved. Second chairman marc paul congratulated the promoted team and especially praised the dedicated and meticulous work of daniel warzecha as player coach. Paul presented the players with promotion T-shirts sponsored by the club and by fischer KG, neuenmarkt.

Important team

FC player-coach daniel warzecha gave a short review of the season and highlighted the most important games and the key moments at the end of the season: "especially the second team is an important team for the club for the young players who came from the A-youth to the seniors. The district league now gives them an interesting platform for gaining a foothold in the senior area, and it should also serve as a springboard for the first team in the years to come." Warzecha thanked above all the players who in the 2012/13 season, when the first team had to be relegated to the A-class, had remained loyal to the club and rebuilt the FC. Among others, daniel warzecha named christian fischer and fabian bauerschmidt: "something like this only works if you have a personal connection to your home club."

Daniel warzecha thanked all the volunteers in the club. Alexander geyer was awarded the title of training champion. Together with goal-scoring king marco kimmich and midfield powerhouse marcel reibaus, he made it into the anpfiff top eleven of the year. Marco kimmich received the goalscorer's crown. The eternal goalkeeper on duty has indicated that he wants to play again. For the coming season in the district class, player-coach daniel warzecha wished, if possible, the early class preservation of the first and second team as well as the fourth promotion in the club: "this time maybe with the third and fourth team"."

Cup presented

Mayor siegfried decker presented a trophy and a monetary gift from the municipality and described the promotion of the second team as a novelty in the now almost 100-year history of the fubball club neuenmarkt. In the club a clear auartstrend is to be traced, this becomes clear also with the young players, which decker described as hopefuls. The decisive factors for success are ability and ambition, but also discipline and spirit, as well as the fans from the "cloud of smoke.

Decker also praised the work of the board, which has not only continuity, but also quality.

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