Old warhorses clench their fists in coburg

It's the old warhorses of the silver screen who will dominate the start of the new cinema year. "You have your colleague sylvester stallone to thank for that", says "utopolis-boss oskar heublein on films like "last stand with arnold schwarzenegger "get the gringo" (mel gibson) "die hard – a good day to die" bruce willis) or "shootout – no mercy" (and again: sylvester stallone), which promise high viewer numbers in the first quarter of 2013. All these films come in the wake of "the expendables therefore – the action film with which stallone, with a wink of the eye, made hard-hitting action respectable again two years ago.

It's always the same names that attract the audience. Quentin tarantino, for example, with his classic western "django unchained" (nationwide release: 17. January) should set one of the first high points. The austrian oscar winner christoph waltz, "our man in hollywood," as oskar heublein smilingly calls him, is also part of the team, as oskar heublein calls him with a smile.

Looking back on the 2012 cinema year, the cinema owner from coburg can lean back and relax. "Good to very good, he classifies the number of visitors – although the meanwhile traditional public-vie wing summer slump (this time during the european soccer championship) was also clearly noticeable this year. At the top of the local cinema charts of the past year is a surprise film: "pretty best friends". The french comedy hit like a bomb and had more visitors in some german cinemas than in france.

"Jurassic park in third dimension"
Only just behind: "james bond 007 – skyfall". The also qualitatively best "bond the past two decades have been a success with the public. "As long as utopolis has existed, we haven't had such a successful james bond movie", says heublein. That means that even the four films in which the smart pierce brosnan played the coolest secret agent of all time didn't come close to "skyfall"-attendance figures approach.

The past year was a pretty good one for german films. "Turkic for beginners was the only domestic production to make it into the coburg "top ten" there have been better years. Nevertheless, oskar heublein does not want to join the who knows how many times he has sung the praises of german productions: "on average, german films were still well attended."

The 3-D productions play an important role in the jolt and outlook at the same time. "The hobbit (which is sure to surge ahead from 6th place in the top ten) was one of the top films in 2012.
Announced for 2013 are, among other things, an action-packed version of "hansel and gretel" and the original of "jurassic park" – naturally with a third dimension. Even if the hype about 3D has recently died down a bit, for oskar heublein, films with glasses have now become firmly established: "now and then, something like this makes sense." So much so, that he may not be able to avoid a fourth hall in the "utopolis with a 3-D projector.

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