Whether adult or toddler – every member is important

Whether adult or toddler - every member is important

After one year as chairman of the FC rodach, patrick kalb drew a positive picture on the occasion of the annual general meeting in the clubhouse. At last year’s meeting, he took over the chairmanship from fritz haas, who had led the club for 20 years. Kalb’s motto: "what is a chief without an indian", inspired the chairman to take on new challenges and to overcome them together. He also succeeded in setting up a functioning team that is well positioned across the board. Kalb meant the board. The other challenge was also successfully met: finding a new finance officer in claudia krempel. Kalb described this as important in order to ensure the financial survival of an association. Krempel relieved frank regenspurger, who after 20 years was no longer available for this office.

In addition, there were major efforts to be made in the area of events in the past year. Kalb recalled the indoor tournaments, the many youth tournaments and the hosting of the wolfgang memorial and haba cup events. In the social area, the oktoberfest was a complete success – despite previous prophecies of doom, said the chairman.

The sports center is used for birthday parties, blood donations and meetings of beekeepers. Furthermore, kalb considered the presentation, the aubdarstellung and the advertising for the association as important. "Every new member is important", he said. Be it an adult or a toddler who "learns to kick the ball" wants. "Here we are definitely expandable", dear he knows.

On 27. June is the 50th anniversary. Anniversary to. Planned are honors, an audition of the F-youth and as an attraction a game against the regional league team of TSV aubstadt as well as a cosy get-together.

In the sporting field, the 1. Football team under its coach michael scheler is aiming for promotion, and the 2. Team is distinguished by good successes, even if the sporting results still leave something to be desired compared to previous years. It was regretted that in the youth area, unfortunately, not everything was staffed continuously, although their representatives described the overall success as good.

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