Puzzlement over body in beiersdorf near coburg

Puzzlement over body in beiersdorf near coburg

The series of tragic events in coburg does not stop: on thursday in the early morning hours, a 41-year-old woman reports to the police operations center that she has found her 66-year-old husband motionless in his home at eichenweg 5 in the beiersdorf district of the city. The emergency physician who was called could only determine the death of the man. How he came to life, is unclear.

Wide area cordoned off
In order to clarify the circumstances and the cause of death, the public prosecutor's office and the criminal investigation service were immediately on the spot. The police cordoned off a wide area around the apartment building. The forensics team was busy at the crime scene until the afternoon hours. Senior public prosecutor ursula haderlein also visited the scene of the crime. She set up the "oak" task force for the investigation.

BR: police assume that violent crime has taken place
The press spokesman of the police prasidium upper franconia, jurgen stadter, holds himself in the morning "for investigative reasons" very covered, which concerns the current state of knowledge. He could not say anything about the manner of death, nor confirm that it was a relationship act or a robbery-murder, as was spread very quickly by various media yesterday. He does not answer the question about possible stab wounds. The bayerischer rundfunk reports in a report that the police assume a violent crime.

Senior public prosecutor anton lohneis repeatedly pointed out to the coburger tageblatt that the autopsy must be completed before the cause of death can be precisely determined. He emphasized that as long as the autopsy report is not available, a violent crime cannot be assumed.

In the morning, both the danger to life and a number of "people from his immediate environment" were identified questioned by the police. The man's daughter could not be reached in the morning, so she did not learn of her father's death until much later. The body was taken to the forensic medicine in erlangen, where the autopsy was scheduled for the afternoon to determine the cause of death. "We had to interrupt the autopsy for organizational reasons", informs the chief public prosecutor anton lohneis. Another expert is needed for this purpose. The autopsy will be continued on friday.

"The investigations by the criminal police and the public prosecutor's office are going in all directions. We are investigating at full speed, says stadter. Forensics also did "meticulous work". Investigators searched the surrounding land and the containers of recyclable materials for traces and a possible murder weapon.

Autopsy interrupted
The leading senior public prosecutor anton lohneis does not exclude however also a natural cause of death. "As long as the autopsy results are not available, we cannot say anything about the cause of death", he gives to consider. Lohneis explained that there are several hundred unexplained deaths each year. And all end up on his desk. As soon as the emergency physician is unable to determine the cause of death, the criminal investigation service is called in. If, however, due to the age or certain illnesses or medication intake, an external fault can be excluded, the senior public prosecutor waives an autopsy. Last monday alone, he had dealt with four such cases.

Research by our newspaper has revealed that the dead man was a former musician with the orchestra at the landestheater. The tubist lived in retirement with the 41-year-old woman who found him in the morning hours.

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