Pilgrimage route demands a lot

"Living faith" was the motto of the fub pilgrimage of the people of sommerach to vierzehnheiligen. 95 pilgrims from sommerach and the surrounding villages responded to the call and set out on saturday morning under the leadership of marion then on the approximately 70-kilometer-long fub march. Among them were eight newcomers and first-time pilgrims and once again participants of the music band of sommerach.

On sunday evening, the fourteen saints pilgrims returned safely to their home town after their two-day walk. Accompanied by the music band, they went to the parish church singing and praying. "We have reached home again," said father philippus eichenmuller, who has himself been an active pilgrimage participant for many years.

The clergyman was pleased with the large number of participants and praised the commitment of the pilgrims. At the place of grace, one not only fulfilled the vow of the ancestors, but also carried up the requests of the community, the diocese, the world and the family," said philippus. According to him, the pilgrimage "demands a lot from the participants"."He thanked all those who contributed to the success of the pilgrimage. The two-day pilgrimage ended with the final song "quietly the evening is sinking".

In vierzehnheiligen, several people were honored for many years of participation in the pilgrimage. Valentin kestler and hubert jakob were among the pilgrims for the 40th time. Werner helbig was honored for his twenty-fifth participation and pamela schlereth, angela hofmann, marlena pfrang and christian blab were honored for the 14th time. Mal and gudrun schlereth, sarah ostreicher, and walter fackelmann joined the pilgrimage for the seventh time.

The sommerach pilgrimage, by the way, dates back to 1879. At that time, according to old records, a storm destroyed the expected harvest. In order to be spared such serious natural disasters in the future, the people of sommerach vowed to make an annual pilgrimage to the place of grace. Which was always kept, except for the interruptions due to the war and the period between 1962 and 1976 – in these years there were no organized fub pilgrimages.

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