E-cars: charging stations are misused as parking spaces

E-cars: charging stations are misused as parking spaces

The tank symbol of the e-car lights up. Quickly opened the app and looked up where the next possibility to charge is. Once there, it’s the same old story: a diesel or gasoline engine parked next to the charging station for electric cars. There’s no way to get to the socket; the battery won’t last too much longer.

This scenario is often a bitter reality for e-car drivers in kitzingen. Charging stations are often occupied by parked cars with combustion engines. These areas are not even intended for parking electric vehicles.

Good conditions for e-mobility in kitzingen

Kitzingen is a model city in terms of the density of charging stations: 15 public e-charging stations are listed on websites and apps and marked on maps. In relation to the population, this value seems sufficient. If there wasn’t a "huge problem", as the driver of an e-car describes it: the charging stations are often occupied by parked cars. In almost all cases, these are conventional, i.E. Gasoline- or diesel-powered, vehicles.

The consequences: either it waits, calls the police, moves to the next station, or eventually breaks down with a dead battery. The reasons for the wrong parking can only be guessed at. Pure convenience or the quite misleading parking sign that does not indicate that drivers are only allowed to park their cars for recharging.

"Not in people’s heads"

Many drivers would think that the charging stations served as parking spaces for e-cars and that their owners thus always had a free parking opportunity free, the kitzinger believes. The fact that these stations are only intended to charge the batteries and must be released immediately afterwards, however, knew few. This is "apparently not yet in people’s heads".

Even the police, who are called in from time to time in the event of a blocked loading bay, don’t know how to counteract this problem, the driver explains. Often, neither the city nor the police would impose sanctions for parking in such a special place, also because they did not know what the appropriate penalty would be.

On request, the kitzingen police department describes such a case as normal wrong parking, i.E. A misdemeanor that is punished with a ticket. The city of hamburg is particularly strict in its crackdown on parking violations in charging bays: anyone standing at a marked charging station but not using it will be towed away at their own expense.

Outcry was huge the other way around

One of the charging stations in kitzingen is located between marktstrabe and the main river. When kitzinger meets our reporter there for a photo, one of the two loading bays is blocked by a car with an internal combustion engine. The woman describes this as "characteristic of the problem". "We e-drivers would stand at the charging stations and park there: the outcry would be enormous!"

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