Cellar festival thrilled like every year

As every year, not only the lonnerstadter themselves, but also many "former" players were present as well as guests from the near and further environment came, in order to enjoy the second most important celebration immediately after the kirchweih together. Eating, drinking, chatting and socializing – that's the aim of this event, which was launched many years ago at the renovated old beer cellars, and as always it was very well received.
In order to contain the kind of excesses that often occur at such festivals nowadays, there was a special decree in lonnerstadt for the first time this year: the bringing of alcohol of any kind was strictly forbidden. Offences were punishable with a fine of up to 1000 euro. According to the mayor of lonnerstadt, stefan himpel (), there had never been a direct reason for such a ban. However, together with the young people from the storchennest youth center, local club chairmen and community representatives, the decision was made to take this step.

Pleasure without excess
On the one hand, it was hoped that this would prevent unpleasant disturbances for the happy festival-goers, and on the other hand, perhaps young people in particular would realize that it is possible to have fun without debauchery. So within a precisely defined area the municipal decree was valid. The TSV, which organized the festival, was given the right to deny access to the festival grounds to offenders. "We hope that it brings something", said TSV chairman rainer haberkamm. One of the visitors said: "I think it's quite all right. In the end, it's better than cordoning off the countryside and having security officers inspect it. Then the kellerfest was no longer the kellerfest after all."

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