Grunes invoked the red-green changeover

Grunes invoked the red-green changeover

The green party conference in berlin on sunday unanimously adopted an election program for ecology, social reform and redistribution. Top candidate jurgen trittin issued the following slogan to the cheers of around 800 delegates: "replace black-yellow with green change."

Baden-wurttemberg premier winfried kretschmann’s call for tax policy restraint was not echoed by his party. The coalition of union and FDP reacted promptly to the decisions with uproar.

At the grunen party conference, SPD leader sigmar gabriel described the red-green coalition of choice as a landmark in an acclaimed guest speech. "It’s about fairness, about sustainability, about justice," said gabriel. The red-green coalition must be more than a mathematically possible coalition. "We are the lobby of real life," said grunen top candidate katrin goring-eckardt. Five months before the parliamentary elections, party leader claudia roth aggressively appealed for unity and confidence: "we’ll get it done!"

The CDU economic council attacked the grunen plan as a nail in the coffin for small and medium-sized businesses. SPD leader gabriel made it clear after the grunen party conference that he still sees a need for clarification on the taxation of corporate equity, which his party rejects. "It cannot be that we drive the middle class more strongly into the hands of the banks because we tax their substance, their equity," gabriel said in the ARD program "report from berlin". "We will certainly find a common solution with the greens"."

FDP secretary general patrick doring spoke of an "impoverishment strategy" for the middle classes. Following in the footsteps of chancellor angela merkel (CDU), CSU leader horst seehofer also gave assurances that he would not support any tax increases.

Grunen leader roth rejects accusations of rip-offs. "What matters to us is a society that doesn’t fall apart, what matters to us is debt reduction," she told the deutsche presse-agentur, "and that’s where merkel now has to give an answer."Cem ozdemir, head of the grunen party, told the delegates: "robin hood is here, but the sheriff of nottingham is with mrs. Merkel, with black-yellow."

The rank and file gave the leadership a clean sweep, approving almost all the proposals in dozens of votes. According to the grunen plans, the top tax rate would rise from 42 to 49 percent for annual gross incomes of 80,000 euros and above. The state is to get more funds for education and social welfare. The greens want to ease the burden on lower income groups by raising the basic tax-free allowance from 8130 to 8700 euros. A ten-year wealth tax is to be levied on the rich at a rate of 1.5 percent and generate 100 billion euros to reduce the federal debt.

Despite all warnings by kretschmann about burdens on middle class, the gruns decided to introduce a permanent wealth tax later on. Nevertheless, the first green minister-president praised the tax decisions: "we have found the right balance at this party conference, and i am very happy about that."The electorate found credible politics in the greens.

Goring-eckardt rejected the accusation of moving far to the left and competing with the left-wing party. With reference also to the environmental issues and the aubenpolitische attitude, the top candidate said in the ARD: "from the left we differ very much. We don’t promise the sky is the limit. It has nothing to do with each other."

At the party conference, roth underlined his rejection of a black-green coalition with sharp attacks. With a view to the CSU’s affarians, she said: "let their crucifix fall off the wall!"

In the event of an election victory, the greens also expect difficult negotiations with the SPD. "You can form a coalition with them, but it’s also a hell of a lot of work," trittin admitted. For example, the demand for a coal phase-out by 2030 could cause a dispute with the SPD. Neither the SPD nor the greens completely ruled out other coalitions. Surprisingly, the majority of the delegates demanded that the constitutional protection agency should dispense with V-people.

After a heated debate, the greens approved the planned new start in the nationwide search for a nuclear waste repository, without ruling out gorleben from the outset. The delegates demanded a speed limit of 80 km/h on two-lane highways, an increase in the hartz IV rate to 420 euros and a cap on bonuses for company bosses. In agreement with the SPD, they want a minimum wage of 8.50 euros or more.

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