Bolivia: arce wins election according to official results

Bolivia: arce wins election according to official results

The leftist candidate luis arce has won the presidential election in bolivia also according to the official vote count. This was announced by the supreme electoral court of the andean state.

According to the electoral authority, the former economy minister of the head of state evo morales, who resigned in 2019, received 55.1 percent of the votes, followed by the liberal candidate and ex-president carlos mesa with 28.8 percent. Against his choice there were isolated protests.

For a victory in the first round, more than 50 percent of the votes or at least 40 percent and a ten-percentage-point lead over the second-place finisher are required. Two post-election surveys had already come to similar conclusions. Arce achieved a better result than morales in 2005, when the former coca farmer and trade unionist won his first election and became bolivia’s first indigenous president. "Our main challenge now is to rebuild the country, to restore stability and hope for all bolivians," the new president tweeted. Mesa congratulated on twitter and wished arce and vice-president david choquehuanca success. Opponents of the left-wing MAS party had questioned the preliminary result and demonstrated in various cities, as the state news agency ABI and the daily newspaper "la razon" reported.

According to amnesty international, 35 people died in the unrest following the presidential election in october 2019. Morales had to resign due to pressure from the military. He was accused of electoral fraud, even if some studies have since come to different conclusions. Morales departed for a foreign country – an interim government took over. His followers and allies in the region speak of a putsch. Bolivia has not been at peace since then.

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