Stones and bottles thrown during protest against neo-nazi march

stones and bottles thrown during protest against neo-Nazi march

Several thousand people protested in berlin against a march by neo-nazis to mark the anniversary of the death of hitler’s deputy rudolf heb – but they were unable to stop it.

Last year – for the 30th time. Death day – this was achieved with sit-in blockades. Also on saturday there were such protest actions. However, police officers broke it up by carrying the people away. Accompanied by loud shouts of protest and some stone- and bottle-throwing, more than 600 right-wing extremists eventually marched through the eastern district of friedrichshain. In the early evening, the crowd started to gather.

Originally, the neo-nazis had planned to march in the western district of spandau, near the former prison where heb had gathered on 17 january. August 1987 killed itself. But only about 50 people showed up there, and the march was moved to friedrichshain, where a demonstration had also been registered at short notice before the weekend.

Several hundred counter-demonstrators marched from spandau to friedrichshain, among them a few dozen left-wing autonomists. According to a spokesman, police officers also observed hooded demonstrators. In the afternoon, a car and a truck burned near the demonstration route, according to a police spokesman. The investigators did not exclude the possibility of a connection.

The atmosphere along the route of the neo-nazi march was aggressive. Both camps shouted insults at each other. Again and again there were scuffles with the police. Stones and bottles were thrown. There were some arrests, as the police spokesman said, without giving details.

The police was on site with several hundred officers also from other federal states, a total of 2300. The predominantly female neo-nazis, who had traveled from all over germany, were checked one by one to see if they were complying with the regulations. Among other things, any glorification of heb in words, writing or pictures was prohibited. First, according to the police, there were two cases in which a violation of the ban on signs of unconstitutional organizations was noticed.

Parties, trade unions, churches and initiatives had called for rallies and demonstrations against the annual neo-nazi event. Their focus was on spandau. Up to 3,000 people took part in a celebration of democracy at the site of the former war criminals’ prison. In addition, there were further demonstrations and rallies.

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