Abitur under corona conditions: this is how it went at kronach high schools

Abitur under corona conditions: this is how it went at kronach high schools

By corona is simply everything different, even the conclusion of a school career. Now that a new stage of life is approaching, many young people have to live with conditions that no one would have wished for. Kronach's high school graduates sat through three days of written exams, but not in the way they might have imagined a few months ago. And as if that wasn't enough, everyone was now given substitute tasks in german on wednesday. The theft of school-leaving examination papers from a bamberg grammar school led to this.

At frankenwaldgymnasium, 42 high school graduates sat in the gymnasiums, which are now permanently seated and thoroughly disinfected. Disinfectant dispensers as far as the eye could see, disposable gloves, protective masks, minimum distances. However, many have already got used to this sight. "It helped that we had already held the training session for the test in the hall. This gave the students a chance to get used to the look and feel of the place. It was a haunting experience, but it also had a calming effect", says principal harald weichert. That's why there were no major surprises or insecurities.

"We were already hard to the limit in terms of personnel." Renate leive, principal of kronach's kaspar-zeub high school, struggled with the same challenges as her colleague. She and her team also had to create the conditions for the baccalaureate to be held at all. "We distributed the students in our rooms, which we had cleared beforehand. Then we placed single tables, which were not allowed to be moved. The teachers were protected by a spit shield." Also here, as in the years before, aids such as dictionaries were at hand. "But they had to be thoroughly disinfected and you were only allowed to use them with disposable gloves."

In passing, renate leive had also listened to the voices of the schoolchildren. "They are not a representative cross-section, but i keep hearing that the conditions were completely fine and that it was a fair baccalaureate overall." She gave a big praise in the end: "our students were extremely disciplined, there were no panic attacks at all. All were cooperative." There is still no information about the results of the school-leaving examinations at the two kronach grammar schools.

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