Before dettelbach, christiane had crossed the river

Before dettelbach, christiane had crossed the river

After the river main was blocked on thursday evening due to a transverse freighter in the ochsenfurt area, another barge came to rest transversely on friday afternoon due to a technical defect. This time the ship blocked the main on high of the fahre dettelbach. This was reported by the wurzburg water police, who are also in charge of the investigation.

The ship "christiane" was on its way from wipfeld to mannheim and had left the dettelbach lock at about 4 p.M. Downstream. Afterwards, about 50 meters below the autofahre dettelbach, the ship’s engine stopped for reasons that are not yet clear and could not be restarted. The freighter, loaded with 970 tons of metal coils, was caught in the current and fell across, causing the bow to ground in mainsondheim and the stern in dettelbach.

On friday around 19.At 40 o’clock the ship could be freed from its position and navigation could be released. The reason for the ship’s so-called cross-fall was a failure of the ship’s engine, so that the motor ship was exposed to the current, causing the bow and stern to settle on the bottom. No detailed information on the extent of the damage can be provided at this time. A navigation expert from the schweinfurt water and shipping office assessed the situation.

Only when the cause of the defect has been clarified or. The 71-year-old captain from the district of main-spessart is able to continue his journey after the problem has been cleared and no damage has been caused to the rudder.

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