379 Lights as a special memorial for euthanasia victims

379 Lights as a special memorial for euthanasia victims

As an excellent memorial for 379 disabled people of the st., joseph congregation who were murdered during the national socialist era, rainer waldvogel, general manager of the maria bildhausen facility for the handicapped, called candles. They were in the shape of the facility’s signet, a tree of life, at a memorial service during sunday’s service at the abbey. "The candles also show that we must burn for our people with disabilities."

Rainer waldvogel said that in the nazi era, people with disabilities were systematically and sometimes bestially murdered, even before there were concentration camps, including auschwitz. Especially in today’s time this is more and more forgotten, and therefore it is important to remember it.

Cathedral chaplain clemens bieber presented the pit to diozzan bishop franz jung and bishop emeritus friedhelm hofmann as well as former state parliament president barbara stamm. All three have deep ties to the facility and are sympathizers: "they are here with you today in their thoughts." Sympathizers are people who empathize and sympathize. Unfortunately, those who stood up for disabled people were missing during the nazi era.

379 people with disabilities who were assigned to the facilities of the st. St. Joseph’s congregation (now the dominikus-ringeisen-werk) in ursberg, holzen and bildhausen were murdered by the national socialists. About the memorial in maria bildhausen, he said that the gray concrete marks the house of life into which a rough axe smashes and destroys it. The artist willi grimm expresses with the colored windows that the dead are safe with god. "Today we want to ask god that people know what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do, namely destroy life."

Traumatized to the point of death

Father gottfried scheer told the service attendees that every human being is precious. This is often not the case in today’s society either. During the national socialist era, eight of the 379 people murdered in the st. Joseph’s congregation were cared for, from maria bildhausen. Father asked the residents of the maria bildhausen home what would have happened if they had lived here at the time. The worst that could be imagined came through this institution. The sisters had still tried to hide those in their care in the woods. Until a few years ago, some were still in maria bildhausen and traumatized until their deaths. 24 disabled people from maria bildhausen were abducted, eight murdered. The scenes that have been handed down to us were unimaginable. "People clung to the sisters and were simply dragged away. They were terrified, probably sensing what was to come. They were cruelly deprived of their lives, as were six million jews and others.

"Viruses" in heads and hearts

These thoughts were echoed by domkapitular clemens bieber in his sermon when he addressed the "viren", who can spread in the minds and hearts of people and distinguish between supposedly valuable and unworthy life warned. He spoke of the virus "corona, currently scaring the world. 90 years ago, it was a virus to which hardly anyone paid attention at first, but which ultimately claimed the lives of around 80 million people by the end of the second world war.

Today, there are 200 cell towers in germany.000 sick people, among them more than 70.000 people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

The cathedral chaplain referred to the feast of the presentation of the lord am 2. February. Simeon held the child jesus in his hands in the temple and realized that it was god’s son, whom he called light for all people. Even today, people’s hearts should be lifted up in the encounter with jesus and his good news. But everyone should stay awake for dangerous, even deadly developments and effects of all the life-threatening viruses that are spreading even today – not seldom under the pretext of a better life.

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