Interesting only for sheep?

Werner batzing will for once not have to be reproached for not having given early warning. "If this development continues as it is, egloffstein will have no more agriculture in 20 years, and tourism will hardly play a role because the landscape has become unattractive. And whether there will still be a certain number of small businesses depends on the political framework conditions, which are likely to become unfavorable for egloffstein", the cultural geographer from erlangen wrote already in 2008.

Now batzing has even gone one step further in his assessment: he fears that "the community of egloffstein will lose a large part of its basic infrastructure, such as retail trade and medical care, in the next ten years". At least if nothing is done about it now. Batzing relies on forecasts from the regional statistics office in munich. This predicts a reduction in the population of the community of egloffstein by 200 people by 2021.

Opportunities in four fields

According to batzing, this development can only be prevented if the local population gets involved and does something on its own. "Don't leave the field to experts", batzing warned and concluded: "only the local population can turn the rudder."

Batzing sees opportunities for development in four areas: in "history. In the "impressive landscape. Thirdly in the "high profile and in the resulting positive image. And finally, there is the good location between nurnberg, bayreuth and bamberg.

Last but not least, batzing recommended that the people of egloffstein make greater demands on tourism. In addition, he considers the community well suited as a residence for seniors. This means, however, that the development of renewable energies is not recommended there. Wind power "keeps pace with tourism", the water power "is in harmony with ecology".

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