The municipal council and the minutes

The municipal council and the minutes

The minutes of a council meeting record the resolutions, as well as the suggestions and motions of the council members and who took part in the meeting. In the vast majority of cases, the council members agree with the minutes at the beginning of the following meeting and they are approved unanimously. In the biebelried municipal council, the situation is usually different. The number of meetings in which the minutes are accepted without objection is negligible. It can take ten minutes for everything to be clarified. Sometimes it’s small things that need to be corrected, sometimes it’s not. If a council member is listed as present even though he or she was excused, this can be remedied quickly. Also a numerical error.

Whether the result of a vote was 5:6 or 4:7 does not change the result, but it is just wrong, as andrea czech criticized a recorded vote on the signposting of farm roads in the previous meeting.

At the last meeting, council member renate zirndt had complained that she had received incomplete minutes from the february meeting, which is why approval was postponed until the april meeting. That is why the minutes were not "approved without objections". In fact, no approval was given at all, she recalled at the most recent meeting at the fire station in kaltensondheim. In another part of the current minutes a fact was not correctly reflected, because she had not "suggested", but "reminded of it". Andrea czech asked that her name be replaced by "a member of the community council" in the minutes for an item on the agenda, as it was customary for names not to be mentioned.

Much more serious for andrea czech, however, is the formulation of her wish to receive information on the multigenerational space. "I want to see the decision that a planner is commissioned, not which planner was commissioned," she made clear and wants to read this exactly in the minutes. The answers to her question, which mayor roland hoh gave later, were not sufficient for her, because she would like to know furthermore, when the basic decision was made, since this had to be written down in the minutes. According to her assumption, there is no such thing. "There is no need for all this", said mayor roland hoh about the whole debate in the minutes. This could also be communicated before the meeting, since the minutes were sent in time to each member of the council. Hoh had already made similar remarks at the march meeting, in case something was not complete. Deputy mayor gunnar kraub said tersely that requests for changes should be submitted in writing and given to the administration.

"We deliberate and make decisions in the municipal council," renate zirndt countered, because "if we want something, it comes from you, you find out in the meeting," zirndt reproached the burgermeister. This had already happened several times. Hoh did not want to deny that, but it had been a question of current or future matters. A protocol, however, is something from the past, which is why it cannot be compared. This item was concluded with a request to submit objections, amendments or additions in writing. February and march minutes will be on the table again in the next meeting of the municipal council.

There one will also still with a basic resolution to the participation of the hunt cooperative and the municipality to the preparation of because still busy. Because the application of the hunting association westheim was postponed, because renate zirndt had reminded that christian pavel had already applied for a basic resolution in september and an application of a member of the community council must actually be treated within three months.

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