Stiftung warentest criticizes “rip-off with overdraft interest”

Stiftung warentest criticizes 'rip-off with overdraft interest'

Particularly savings banks, people and raiffeisenbanken in the landlichen area used their monopoly position and schropften the customers, criticized donation executive committee hubertus primus in berlin. "The biggest rip-offs are, of all things, the smallest ones."

The testers compared the conditions of 1538 banks and found major differences. The most favorable provider charged 4.2 percent for the overdraft facility. The average was 11.31 percent.

The foundation considers the interest rate of significantly less than 10 percent to be appropriate. "There are hardly any consumers who do not repay the dispo," said primus, the default rate is 0.2 percent.

According to the study, the transparency of the banks also leaves something to be desired. Only a good quarter answered the foundation’s questions; at most of the banks, the testers had to appear in person to ask questions – and even then they didn’t always get an answer. In many cases there was no price display in the branch or on the website, criticized primus.

"The banks have discovered the consumer as a cheap source of money." Because they got the money much cheaper. The european central bank’s lending rate has currently reached a record low of 0.5 percent. The banks lent each other money at a rate of 0.22 percent.

During the election campaign, SPD chancellor candidate peer steinbruck called for an upper limit on overdraft interest of eight percentage points above the prime rate, while the left-wing party even demanded a maximum of five points.

Primus said banks only protect themselves from such demands if they disclose their interest rates. An upper limit is not necessary, but the legal obligation to disclose the conditions on the internet is. The banks that did this in recent years had also lowered interest rates since the last survey in 2012.

Federal consumer affairs minister ilse aigner (CSU) recently suggested a comparison portal with the rates of all banks. Operators could be the consumer centers or the stiftung warentest foundation.

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