Policeman shot in the head – ex-“mister germany” charged with attempted murder

policeman shot in the head - ex-'mister germany' charged with attempted murder

Once he became "mister germany" adrian ursache is now standing trial as the defendant: the 42-year-old has been on trial since monday at the halle district court for the attempted murder of a police officer. In addition, he is charged with resistance to law enforcement officers and violation of the weapons act. At the start of the trial on monday, the defendant rejected the accusation that he belonged to the so-called "reichsburg scene". If convicted, the 42-year-old faces life in prison.

The background to this is a court-ordered eviction that led to a shoving match in the small town of reuden in saxony-anhalt in august 2016. An SEK officer was injured, the ex "mister germany" got shot in the forearm. The special task force was called in to protect the bailiff.

Shot in the head with a revolver

The prosecution accuses the defendant of shooting at the police officer’s head with a revolver without warning. "The defendant tried to kill a man for base motives", said senior public prosecutor uwe damaschke. He had accepted the man’s death. Only the helmet’s visor of the policeman’s heavy protective clothing prevented him from being fatally shot. The officer was wounded in the neck.

The defendant denied the allegations. He had a gun in his hand, but did not fire it. He called the judges "nutcases", he himself is a "political prisoner" and in "custody of the hostage was taken.

Fub shackles in the courtroom

The trial is accompanied by tight security precautions. The defendant, who would not reveal his personal details or sit next to his two defense attorneys, was forced to wear shackles in the courtroom. Policemen in balaclavas guarded the room and the building. The court rejected a motion by the defense to stop the proceedings and lift the arrest warrant.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the 42-year-old belongs to the "reichsburger"-movement on. He denied this. "I am a german citizen, he said. "Reichsburger" do not recognize the federal republic of germany and its laws. The constitutional protection agency classifies the movement as anti-constitutional and observes it. The trial will continue on wednesday. A verdict is expected at the end of november.

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