Link between town and seniors

Link between town and seniors

"It’s a surprise every time – we don’t know who is coming and why. Sometimes people line up in front of the door, sometimes no one comes at all." Walter mackert knows what he is talking about . For the past two years, he has been sitting in the office of the "quartiersmanagement und beratungsstutzpunkt" on the second wednesday of every month at viktor-von- scheffel strabe 10.

He advises elderly citizens, helps them fill out forms, and arranges contacts. Before he moved into this new room on the first floor, seniors seeking advice could not be supported in the best possible way. "There was no possibility to talk in an undisturbed and confidential way, moreover barrier-free", he remembers. Often the discussions took place by telephone, in exceptional cases the seniors visited him at home or he took the time to make "home visits" himself to make. Now it fits.

Lively response

In the bright, well-equipped office, he regularly receives people seeking advice between 2 and 3 p.M. Since 2007, walter mackert has been the city’s commissioner for seniors and people with disabilities. He also sees his task as being a link between seniors and the city council and city administration. And that this is not a useless pastime, but a necessity, shows the lively response.

The requirements for the living environment change at different stages of life: where and how can a subsidy be obtained if you want to renovate your bathroom to make it suitable for your age?? Here, mackert refers to the responsible office in the district administration. How and where can i apply for a severely disabled person’s card is also a very frequent question. Here he helps spontaneously, goes to the next room to nadja motschmann, because there are applications ready. It is not necessary to mention that the application can be filled out together right on the spot, mackert sees that as a matter of course.

Cell phone contract without cell phone

"Imagine, there was an old lady there the other day, she came all wound up and brought a few forms with her", he expresses his frustration. In fact, someone had talked the bona fide senior into an expensive and useless cell phone and computer contract. The lady besab neither one nor the other gerat. Mackert was just able to intervene here and initiate the appeal in due time. Even when it was possible to apply for a one-time 1000 euro care allowance last year, the seniors’ representative helped many times. "Older people often have an inhibition threshold when they hear the word ‘form’," he says, he says . "Or they are concerned that they will have to pay back money they have received. But some people just think: I’m not going to get anything anyway."

Where do you get a rollator, what is the procedure for obtaining a care degree (basic requirement for a monthly allowance for a home help) – mackert has many contacts with the authorities. There are also regular exchanges with colleagues from the neighboring towns of lichtenfels, alten- and burgkunstadt, and also with michelau.

Brochures on the most important topics are available in the fojer, such as inheritance law or care aids, about self-help groups and where there are barrier-free facilities in the city. "The seniors liked to hold something in their hands", internet users tend to be in the minority.

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