Forchheimer flies off the freeway

On wednesday evening it is about 20.30 o’clock on the A73 there was a serious accident as a result of a risky driving maneuver. A 31-year-old driver from the forchheim area skidded his car off the highway near buttenheim in the direction of south and was slightly injured.

The skoda driver was driving at high speed in the left lane of the road, approaching other vehicles, and lost control of his vehicle during the subsequent heavy braking. The skoda was hurled over the highway into the adjacent overgrown bushes. After about 70 meters the car disappeared and could be found only after a long search in the thickly overgrown bushes.

Driver initially disappeared

However, the driver had climbed through the broken window and disappeared across the adjacent field. In the course of further investigations by the police, the man was encountered; he was found to be under the influence of alcohol and blood was taken from him.

According to a report from the traffic police in bamberg, investigations are now being carried out because of the danger to road traffic. The man in shock was slightly injured. The total damage to property was around 20,000 euros.

The traffic accident on the highway caused around 20.30 o’clock for the alarm of the fire department forchheim. The exact location of the accident site was not known after the first emergency call, which is why the forchheim train initially drove to the hirschaid junction without determining the location of the accident.

The fire departments of buttenheim, seigendorf and hirschaid were alerted on the way to the scene for further reconnaissance of the highway. Contrary to the initial report, the scene of the accident was actually between the hirschaid and buttenheim junctions in the direction of nurnberg. The car had left the carriageway on its own and flipped over the bushes.

The emergency services could not find any injured persons in the vehicle. To search the scene of the accident, the highway was completely closed and several thermal imaging cameras and a police helicopter were deployed. The driver of the accident was found in the course of the search and handed over to the rescue service. The scene was then worked through by the relevant fire departments from the district of bamberg. The forchheim fire department was in action for a good hour with seven vehicles and 20 volunteers.

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