A lot of work for the party

A lot of work for the party

Much displeasure circulated during the past sessions of the Q12 of the meranier grammar school in lichtenfels. There were allegedly brawls and damage to property, especially near the stadthalle. That should be the end of it. New organizer of the quarterly parties is the following year Q11. They have to deal with a lot of prejudices and prejudices. That's why they addressed the french day. They want to show that they not only have the will but also the power to bring about change. "We don't want the residents to be upset all the time", says sebastian. Stricter controls are planned. "It was often the case that too drunk, under 18 year olds came onto the session land", says johanna "this will not happen now."

Stricter controls

But how can we imagine these stricter controls that are supposed to bring about such a positive change?? "The smokers' entrance used to be unsafe. Now you can't get in without being checked", says johanna "random checks with alcohol tests will also be carried out at the entrance". In addition to the random checks, the cars parked on the land will also be searched more closely than was previously the case. "Up to now the cars were only looked at superficially, now they should really be examined", explains max. Many good approaches, but how can we make things work that have gone wrong for so long?? This question was also asked by the representatives of the Q11 and they thought about solutions. One of the approaches was to hire a new and more reliable security company. "First and foremost, we have to rely on our security forces. They do the controls and check the people", explains johanna. "The new company also has the necessary experience, as they regularly work at many other events", adds to them. The existing experience of the emergency forces should also prevent people who are already heavily intoxicated from entering the event area. "We don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but it is simply necessary that certain limits are observed."
"As a normal visitor, you probably don't really notice any of this. But the new features should also be noticed by the residents," says johanna, says sebastian.
It is difficult, however, if there are potential problems outside the city hall area. "The urban areas outside the venue are simply not controllable", max states regretfully.
"It's just a pity", johanna adds "there are over 2000 people and a tiny fraction of them misbehave so that everyone has to suffer from it. It would be really already, if these people rub themselves at the belt."

Strive for the residents

But the residents are taken into consideration not only during the session, but also after it. "We clean the direct front garden of the city hall after the event", says johanna.
For this purpose, representatives of the school walk around the houses beforehand and ask the residents of the event area for permission to enter the gardens.
A lot of work for the young people. But they are not only doing it to finance their graduation ball next year: "we just want the session to continue. This is always a great event and the only one of its kind in lichtenfels", says johanna. "We are all super excited and just want it to be great", she smiles at them.
To make it great, they have also made an effort themselves. They offer on their session in the course of the action "our county against drugs", even a non-alcoholic juice bar at.
"The city has actually approached us well", notes johanna. "All these additional measures are voluntary; we were not forced to do anything."
To make sure that there is no need for coercion in the future, they have enlisted the help of their predecessors from Q12: "it is always the case that the older age group helps the younger one", says max. "They also help directly with session planning", adds milena. Finally, for their first session, a lot must be organized, purchased and authorized. "Very often you don't see how much work goes into it", says milena – the others nod in agreement.

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