Municipality approves helicopter flights

municipality approves helicopter flights

For urgent reasons, the elfershausen community council extended its meeting program to include an item where it is advisable to act quickly. Although the market and its districts are not in acute distress, the furrowed moth has already crept into two forest areas of the community. The latest examples show that it can spread at lightning speed and take over entire forests.

Bernhard zurner from the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten (AELF) (office for food, agriculture and forestry) explained to the council how to combat the pest. Overwintered in the egg, the moth hatches in april and works its way up into the treetops to feed, where it chews five times. During its development, it eats a square meter of foliage, preferably oak, but does not harm other deciduous trees.

The trees usually survive a one-time infestation of the butterfly species. But if they are victims of the pest several times in a row and the natural enemies such as wasps, birds or viruses and bacteria are no longer able to cope with the multitude, massive damage is imminent. Everyone can imagine what this means for the forest and for nature as a whole.

The method developed by the authorities therefore allows monitoring and timely intervention. Examinations of infested trees were used to assess the resistance of the stock, and a scale of values provided information about threatened tracts. This resulted in the formation of an infested flat above the highway and one at the "heinersberg from which the help of man is needed. Up to 25 nests on one tree are definitely too many. It should be noted that the flat above is located in the core zone of the biosphere reserve, in which other authorities have a say.

A helicopter flight with the "mimic" plant protection agent – a hormone that prefers molting and leads to the exitus of the insects – would have been designed for a minimum area in compliance with nature conservation regulations, according to zurner. Collateral damage, however, is always a given and must also be minimized. On the day of the fight, the flat must not be walked on and no forest fruits must be picked from here for three weeks. The inspection also takes into account requirements such as the protection of bees. "We want to catch only the hotspots of the pests", assures the forestry expert.

The decision on whether or not to accept the fight is made by the owner of the land, in this case the municipality or the municipal council. The aerial survey must be put out to tender throughout europe, and it is free of charge.

Rainer kuhn was able to get a picture of the damage caused by the moths at the forestry association’s inspection and advocated the removal of the m, as did deputy mayor jurgen englert and alfons hausmann. Councillor achim friedrich believes a fight at the present time is not absolutely necessary. Eleven council members voted in favor of the resolution proposed by mayor karlheinz kickuth. If there are no objections from the involved authorities, both mentioned areas will be flown.

Photovoltaics at the kindergarten

Electrical planner jurgen herterich then presented a calculation and evaluation for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the new kindergarten. Proposed was the rough flat of 37 kilowatts to be installed on the group room roof . The additional costs for this case amounted to about 33,000 euros. Herterich calculated for the total coverage of the roofs 434 pieces of 300-watt modules, whose performance can be optimized by rotation. Furthermore, he informed about the compensation, which will change until next year. The council decided on an expandable, smaller plant of 10 KW. A more powerful plant extends the amortization period and raises the question of feed capacity. The installation of an expandable 10KW system was approved by the committee with great enthusiasm.

The change to the "muhlweg" development plan also passed without objection in the wasserlosen district of grebthal as part of the early involvement of public interest groups.

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