Tsv aubstadt has nothing to lose

What can TSV aubstadt expect as a promoted team in the bavarian regional league, coach josef francic was asked. The football expert, who is never at a loss for a quick answer, took a long time to confess: "if at all, only a few of our players know this, and they only know it from a few games." Then he added: "i’ve been watching this league for some time now and getting information from fellow coaches who have been there. One speaks of insane quality, about physically accentuated play. We have seen that aschaffenburg, as the outstanding bavarian league champion, has just managed to stay in."

How was the team prepared for the challenge?? "We train and play at a harder pace than last year. I assume that we are stronger." This was shown in tests against bavarian league teams.

You have to grow into this league, both physically and tactically. You’re confronted with a lot of news, including doping controls. "The medical checks on campus have shown that the team has good values compared to brose baskets bamberg, for example. That makes us brave. But honestly: what should we lose in this class??", asks francic. "Where we show up and whoever comes to us, but wants to take three points with us. Perhaps our greatest strength lies in the fact that we have no pressure compared to the last six or seven years."

The strengthening and expansion of the squad resulted in ten new additions – with four departures. Two of them are goalkeepers. With andre koob replacement seemed to be found when christian mack wanted to quit. When koob was seriously injured at wurzburger fv, they reacted by bringing back mack and signing christoph saballus. Francic settled on mack as number 1.

It was not so surprising that no new player was signed for the defense. Every position has to be filled at least twice, because we have several players who can be used in two, if not three positions." Three fixed central defenders (benkenstein, kottler, kirsten), two flexible ones (grader, behr), five possible eaves defenders (bauer, grader, feser, volkmuth, behr), five possible sixes (leicht, trunk, behr, kraus, volkmuth) allow francic variations.

Eight new players have joined the midfield and the attack, some of whom are flexible again. Among them the two more experienced timo pitter (26) and christopher bieber (30) and six young players between 19 and 21, ambitious and with potential for development. On the offensive side, francic’s favored flexibility with bavarian league top scorer thomann, schmidt, bieber, kraus, schebak, pitter plus one or two youngsters gives him a wide choice and the competition he needs to put pressure on players who need pressure."

Of the newcomers, francic says timo pitter immediately attracted attention and quickly settled in. "He is very intelligent and has internalized our pressing system and fast player opening. He gets into several situations in the penalty area in every game to push or advance himself. He can put pressure on mike dellinger, who needs it to get to 120 percent." Christopher bieber, does what a penalty box player has to do.

Three units remain

Francic has made good experiences in the management with the long line and has given the players a short vacation with homework in preparation. Also in the regional league it remains with three trainings per week plus a voluntary for regeneration in the fitness studio.

What can TSV aubstadt achieve?? "We have great respect for the league. I’m not concerned with points or standings. There will be jerks. My task will be to always provide positive mood. We will have to learn to see even a 0-0 score as a success."

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