18-Year-old sells bank for 300.000 euros of fake gold

18-year-old sells bank for 300.000 euros of fake gold

A young man sold gold-plated metal bars to a bank as solid gold – that’s why the trainee has been standing trial in gottingen since tuesday.

In 2016, as a then 18-year-old, he managed to sell the savings bank gottingen metal as gold in ten drops, which he had previously purchased on the internet. 300.He collected 000 euros from the bank for his fake gold – but he only paid around 9900 euros for it.

Prosecution accuses 21-year-old of professional fraud. The prospective professional driver admitted the accusations before the juvenile court through his defense lawyer as a lump sum. "It is not disputed that it was," said the lawyer.

The bars, as the 21-year-old explained to a police officer during the investigation, he had bought on the internet from a russian. He did not want to answer the question of the presiding judge whether he had known that it was false gold.

Why the savings bank did not notice the false gold fraud for a long time was not discussed in court. After the frauds became known last year, the bundesbank said it was not aware of any comparable case there. Banks usually bought gold only under reserve and love to check it first before paying out the countervalue.

The trainee’s mother, who was also a defendant, did not appear at the trial on tuesday. In one case, she is said to have tried to sell the savings bank worthless bars as gold. The court imposed a fine of 2100 euros on the woman at the request of the public prosecutor’s office. The trial against the son is to be continued in mid november.

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