Msc closes its training track

Msc closes its training track

First things first for the larm critics from mainstockheim: the training track of the motorsport club (MSC) albertshofen has been closed off. According to the MSC website, this will be the case until the district council has decided whether the training times and the number of riders can be extended. While peace has returned to the freeway bridge, there is a rumble in the MSC leadership: they want to talk to the citizens’ initiative, which is complaining about the noise.

"We were completely surprised by the accusations," say MSC chairman andreas rugamer and deputy stefan zengerling in a press interview. As reported, the plans of the motocross riders to extend the training times were rejected last thursday in the mainstockheim municipal council. An initiative has also been formed by citizens of mainstockheim who feel burdened by the noise from the training track.

The chairmen regret that only once did a burger from mainstockheim come to talk to them. "This conversation, however, went very unpleasantly", says rugamer. According to mayor karl-dieter fuchs, there was a meeting between the MSC and the citizens’ initiative in february, which did not lead to a satisfactory result.

The MSC chairmen consider the accusations from mainstockheim to be misguided. For example, to the senior citizens’ home. No complaints about noise ever came from there. The commissioning of the arm survey commissioned by the MSC at the end of 2012 was carried out in agreement with the district office. The authorities have specified the measuring points. There was no mention of taking the retirement home into consideration. This was confirmed by the district office upon request. According to the law, the facility is to be considered like the surrounding residential area.

The machines used in the training produced a sound pressure of 94 decibels, explains rugamer. This is below the maximum level of 98 decibels specified in the permit.

The allegation made in mainstockheim that the MSC had extended its landing to areas for which it did not have permission was false. "For all the land we use, there is a permit since the year 2001," says rugamer. The further accusation that a black building had been erected was also incorrect. The so-called "tribune" serves as a driver’s stand for the drivers of the model cars. It should be erected in spring and dismantled in autumn. A building application has been filed for that, says rugamer.

In order to contain the noise, the association has taken action and has rebuilt the track. "We took out long straight full-gas stretches and thus cut larmspitzen," says zengerling. As far as training times were concerned, they were largely adhered to. "But we can’t control every training day from nine o’clock to 4 o’clock and monitor the whole thing one hundred percent," said rugamer. Mayor fuchs said that the training hours had already been exceeded for a long time.

It is unclear what will happen next: "we hope to find a solution together with the people of mainstockheim," say the chairmen. Rugamer has since made contact with fuchs. Decisive in the matter, however, could now be the district office, whose decision, according to the MSC website, is expected in may.

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