Mountain bikers learn from the world champion

Over a period of several years, the children and young people from the mountain bike team built "black mountains from geroda to the trails around the rappershausen school camp. First, the schoolchildren who visited the school camp in lower franconia, which specializes in mountain biking, rolled across the trails. Then came the participants of the regional bikepool competitions in lower franconia, then those of the bavarian championships and then in 2017 the riders of the first german championship. As a thank you for these years of help there was now from the "action bicycle" a riding technique training with multiple trial world champion marco hosel.
Around 20 young mountain bikers aged between ten and 18 traveled to hormersdorf in the saxon erzgebirge mountains for a weekend. After an extended MTB day tour to annaberg-buchholz in saxony and the "frohnauer hammer", a technical monument, and a visit to the bike park klinovec, the third day was devoted to training in riding techniques with marco. Divided into two groups, the bavarian mountain bikers learned some basics such as correct braking or the optimal cornering technique as well as more demanding techniques such as the wheele. The older ones asked marco to show them the technique of bunny-hop.
The world champion took more than two hours for each group. And after more than two hours of technical training, some of the participants could see the exertion in the high summer temperatures. Everyone enjoyed it, even if the new techniques were not yet complete and perfect. But even marko had to practice for more than two and a half hours to become a world champion.
What remains is a unique bike weekend for 20 young mountain bikers, who will certainly lend a hand again this year when it comes to preparing the trails and paths around the rappershausen school camp for the bavarian and german school championships.

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