Women’s double four: dance performance after gold medal run

Women's double four: dance performance after gold medal run

The winner’s bridge became a dance floor. When the world hit "gangnam style" by the south korean rapper psy was played, all efforts were forgotten at once.

Decorated with gold, the new and old world champions charmed the many photographers with a little dance interlude. The medal ceremony just a few minutes earlier had already given berlin batswoman britta oppelt a rough feeling: "the experience of standing on the podium in the middle and hearing the national anthem cannot be described in words. It’s amazing already."

One year after finishing second at the london olympics, the DRV double four is again the mab of all things. In the sovereign start-finish victory in south korea, the team, which is unbeaten this year, did not give the competition from canada and poland the slightest chance. At the finish line, the lead was more than a boat’s length. Annekatrin thiele from leipzig sees the almost perfect performance on the tangeum lake in chungju on saturday as an indication of the team spirit that has grown: "we are something like the old hares and can rely on each other."

The hopes of the men’s doubles foursome for another coup were not fulfilled, however. Unlike a year ago in the battle for olympic gold, the dresden stroke man tim grohmann and his fellow competitors had to admit defeat to the croatians this time. The DRV team’s impressive finish could not threaten croatia’s victory, but still ensured second place in the closest race of the first day of the final behind the up-and-coming brits. "We gave away a bit at the start. Still, it was our best race of the season," said grohmann.

Not only the medals of the two double fours gave marcus schwarzrock a positive view of things at the end of the first day of the final. To the delight of the DRV head coach, the lightweight women’s double sculls also withstood the pressure. The duo of lena muller from ulm and anja noske from saarbrucken came in third behind the favorites from italy and the u.S.A. "That was the reward for some damn hard work," noske commented.

The fact that the lightweight men’s double sculls finished in fifth place, as expected, did not dampen schwarzrock’s spirits. "One gold, one silver, one bronze – we can be satisfied with that so far."

The DRV head coach hopes for more medals on the second day of the finals. As co-favorites, the german eight (9.33 o’clock/live on eurosport) into the race. Strongest competitors were the british and the americans. Marcel hacker in the single sculls and the manner double sculls also have good chances. Eight rower eric johannesen from hamburg predicted a spectacle at the end of the title race: "it will certainly be a very close race this year. The englishmen have shown in the pre-run that they are back again. They had the faster intermediate times compared to us."

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