Ski boss hormann to become dosb president

Ski boss hormann to become dosb president

Alfons hormann is to become the new president of the german olympic sports association (DOSB) and thus the successor to thomas bach, who has been elected to head the ioc.

At their meeting in frankfurt am main, the top german sports federations came out clearly in favor of the 53-year-old businessman from allgau. "We have had a very open discussion. In the end, everyone agreed: hormann is our candidate," said rainer brechtken, spokesman for the top associations and president of the german gymnastics federation.

Hormann himself said after the three-hour meeting: "i am very pleased about the great trust that even my potential opponents christa thiel and ingo weiss have placed in me. The ranks of germany’s top sports are thus closed."

Both he and brechtken emphasized that the clear vote for the president of the german ski association was initially only a recommendation to the other two pillars of the DOSB, the regional sports associations and the associations for special tasks. Hormann’s election as bach’s successor, however, is considered as good as certain, since the top associations voted at the DOSB members’ meeting on 7. December in wiesbaden have the majority of the votes. "Now it’s a matter of convincing the other groups, too," hormann said. In the coming week (25./26. October), he plans to present himself in person at the meeting of the state sports federations in hamburg.

The previous head of the DOSB, bach, was elected on 10 september. September first german elected president of international olympic committee. Since then, vice president hans-peter kramer, who is responsible for economics and finance, has been leading the powerful umbrella organization of german sports on an interim basis.

Basketball boss ingo weiss and christa thiel, president of the german swimming federation, had also been considered as possible successors to bach. But in the end, hormann emerged more and more strongly as the favorite. "We wanted to find a solution that everyone could agree on," brechtken explained. "During our discussion, no one else stood up and said: i’m running for office."Hormann is a "very good offer to the state sports federation, because he is also a man of popular sport. The DSV has a lot of mass sports on offer."

Hormann has led the german ski association since 2005. The entrepreneur is regarded as a "doer", during whose term of office both the 2011 alpine ski world championships and the 2012 biathlon world championships were held in germany. He is also being discussed as chairman of a possible bidding company for the 2022 winter olympics in munich.

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