Melanie huml announces the new hospice in coburg

After the new hospice in the kukenthalstrabe has already been consecrated in the church last week, an official ceremony for the opening took place on friday. That this revelation comes on the 22nd day of the year is bad enough. June 2018 and thus the day on which cicely saunders turned 100, bavaria’s health minister melanie huml (CSU) was particularly pleased. For cicely saunders is considered the founder of the modern hospice movement. In 1967, she opened the first hospice in the modern sense of the word in london. "I am happy that we can continue their legacy with the opening of the new hospice in coburg", said melanie huml.

The hospice, the minister said, is "a blessing" and a "place of life. Man was allowed to be himself here – with all his hopes, but also with all his fears." Melanie huml expressed her thanks to all the helpers, supporters and donors who have worked for many years to establish a hospice in coburg.

Richard reich, the managing director of the coburg caritas association, said: "for us, the hospice is not a house of death, but a living space: a place of life, a place of encounter in the experience of the last stretch of life – that is what the hospice wants to be." The hospice is not only a place for dying, mourning and crying, but also a place where people laugh and celebrate together and live intensively.

Hermann beckering, chairman of the caritas association, emphasized that a hospice lives from the people who take care of the dying. And they are happy to have "excellent employees", said it is these people who give the hospice a face and a voice," he says."

One such face is simone lahl, the director of the hospice. She said: "we want to try to find out for people and with people what they need in this unusual living situation and what is important to them, and support them in living qualitatively well and as painlessly as possible from their point of view – until the end." One wants to try to give the residents an open ear, to reach out a hand and to be a companion in this difficult situation. Looking at her colleagues, lahl said: "we want to try to carry, respect and support each other, so that we can shoulder this task in the interest of the people who come to us."

The first residents will move into the hospice at the beginning of july.

Visits during an "open house" day exists on saturday, 23. June, from 10 to 16 the opportunity to visit the new hospice. Address: kukenthalstrabe 21, coburg.

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