Volkamer sees “room for improvement in terms of time”

Markt einersheim’s mayor herbert volkamer is a man who likes to call a spade a spade. This was also his position at the site meeting of the construction committee at the terrassenbad construction site. "The handicraft companies already have room to move in terms of time," he said, addressing those responsible for the kulmbach planning company plafog. The head of the town thus indicated that he would keep a close eye on the construction schedule.

The purpose of the site meeting was to update the councillors on the current state of affairs and to show the progress of the construction work. That something has been done is especially evident at the swimming pool, where the stainless steel walls are finished and the support for the pool floor is currently being lined with concrete. While work on the pool is on schedule, there has been a hitch with the children’s pool. The contractor is now installing a completely new element there to resolve the complaints.

Work stalled

Also the work for the processing of the pipes for the water technology stagnates for quite some time, why the mayor will send a letter off to remind with the company the delay. The company that will export the equipment can already start on the south side of the swimming pool, which the mayor is waiting for. Because according to the people in charge of plafog, the trial operation of the swimming pool planned for the middle of may can be adhered to.

Herbert volkamer, meanwhile, does not want to rely blob on announcements, but wants to mobilize the companies so that everything will be finished on time. Everything is going according to plan on the company building, for which architect walter bohm is responsible. After the roof and the lateral glass facade elements, the interior work is currently underway. Only the screed will have to wait because the floor can only be installed at a temperature of 15 degrees celsius.

Protect house entrance

The municipal councils agreed to comply with the request of the school administration of the hellmitzheimer bucht elementary school for a porch at the entrance to the building. For this the municipality will solicit bids. In addition, the bus parking area in front of the school is to be expanded. Since some parking spaces will be eliminated, additional parking spaces for teachers will be designated at the neighboring sports field.

The municipality will carry out replacement plantings on a scattered fruit stand on the path opposite the eastern entrance to the village. Markus schmitt from the kitzingen landscape association advised the community on the selection of old apple and pear varieties, 15 of which are to be planted.

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