The eggolsheimer lock 94 remains contested

The eggolsheimer lock 94 remains contested

Anton eckert has the vision of lock 94 as a place of looking and learning. Supported by european leader funds, an open-air museum could be built on the former ludwig-danube-main canal, says the district’s culture officer. "When the structure has been restored in accordance with the preservation order, the canal can be shown in its former glory."

In recent years, the community of eggolsheim had moved quite far away from this vision. The industrial monument had above all become a bone of contention between the CSU and the burgerbund. In 2010, 900,000 euros in demand money had already lured, but the disputing parties did not come to potte. Now a new round in the fight for the use of the lock 94 is started. The issue is twofold: can and should the lock be rehabilitated?? And how will the nature reserve in the old canal bed be used??

For saturday the municipality has approved the performance of the music group juno there. That led in the apron to a massive protest. Ex-mdl walter hofmann (CSU) and heinz marquart (chairman of the CSU environmental working group) had already met on 18. June addressed to ministerial councilor lorenz sanktjohanser in the ministry of the environment. "An open air festival in the nature conservation, bird protection and FFH area bug?" – whether this is not a violation of the federal nature conservation act? Whether the municipality was granted an exemption from the ordinance?

Marquart and hofmann have sent a catalog of six questions to the ministry. To this day, no one has answered the two people from eggolsheim. "The deadline was 18. July rum, that is an offence against the environmental information law", says heinz marquart. With this "concentrated ignoring of the law" the ministry is on the way to creating "greek conditions in environmental law – now we have to ask the bavarian state parliament for clarification." Eduard noth has already signaled that state secretary melanie huml will take care of the issue of using the sluice.

Government approves exception

mayor claus schwarzmann says the event in the lock has been "cleared cleanly with the government of upper franconia". Walter hofmann says "bayreuth has granted this exception". But apparently only because the local problems are "not taken very seriously" were. "There is no reason to hold festive events in the nature reserve when there are so many alternative venues as in eggolsheim", says hofmann. He thinks for example of "the imposing ambience of the jagersburg". Therefore, he feels the appearance of the group juno in the nature reserve "as a provocation". In addition, walter hofmann was "somewhat disappointed with the local CSU for not submitting an application because of the lock".

On friday, mdb sebastian korber (FDP) had invited to a tour of lock 94. Mayor claus schwarzmann and cultural advisor anton eckert were also there. "We don’t have many industrial monuments like this one, korber justified his support for the reorganization. Now that 48,000 euros have also flowed from the bavarian state foundation, the "party tactical stories on the ground will be over, hopes sebastian korber.

Claus schwarzmann also assumes that member of parliament eduard noth (CSU) "also buried the state foundation grant on behalf of his party friends". The mayor of eggolsheim spoke of a "certain tension", when it comes to using the canal as a nature reserve and at the same time as a cultural asset.

The 425,000-euro renovation of the lock seems to be secured from schwarzmann’s point of view: 155,000 euros from the upper franconia foundation "are ready to be called up". 180,000 euros from the decontamination fund and the forderverein "will collect 25,000 euros by 2013". Thus, "no money must come from the municipality".

Anton eckert warns: "the market can’t afford to let the monument vegetate." The museum’s educational concept after the renovation cost around 300,000 euros. The aid was provided through european leader funds from the county; 25 percent came from the upper franconia foundation, seven percent from the county and ten from the municipality as sponsor.

Heinz marquart also thinks the renovation makes sense: "we don’t want the lock to fall into disrepair." Walter hofmann calls for "the industrial monument to be preserved for its own sake". A coherent concept was missing, however: "so why the 48,000 euro demand??"

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