Mayor martin rauscher soon ends his sabbatical

The interesting news came at the end of the public council meeting on monday: mayor martin rauscher (upwg) will resume his office as mayor next week.

"The snout full"

He had fetched well, said the 2. Mayor marita pollex-claus (CSU) on the sidelines of the meeting. As reported, rauscher had left the current meeting in may completely unexpectedly. This had been preceded by a defeat in a vote. That had brought the barrel to overflow according to his words. Rauscher had then said in a very calm tone that he was fed up and was going on vacation for four weeks.

It was unclear, however, whether he would actually take a vacation or perhaps even throw in the towel prematurely. Since the beginning of his term of office, rauscher has often been alone with his proposals; above all, he lacks support within his own parliamentary group. The municipal council, above all the CSU faction, often criticized rauscher’s rather creative and idiosyncratic way of working. Therefore, it was speculated that the mayor may give up altogether and leave office early. According to the latest information from the municipal council, however, this will not be the case. Rauscher had merely needed time off, also because of the double burden as farmer and burgermeister, was heard on the sidelines.

Marita pollex-claus led through the meeting, where one topic was the playgrounds in parkstrabe and birkenweg. The teeter-totter in the park has survived the tuv and will remain in place. Different, according to pollex-claus, was the situation in birkenweg. There, the rotten beams had to be checked or replaced. The council unanimously decided to replace all rotten parts and to concrete in the posts on the sun sail.

The broken paving stones on rosenweg are to be removed and replaced by a tar gutter. This was decided by the municipal council with one vote against, that of thomas schollchen (uwpg). The evangelic kindergarten "waldwiese" niederfullbach must be expanded by two daycare groups. According to pollex-claus, further talks with the government of upper franconia have taken place. Now still need to submit a site plan and a sketch. The city council decided to cover the cost of the plan on an hourly basis.

Controversial again and again

A perennial topic in the municipal council is lighting in towns and cities. Now a municipal council resolution is to be implemented, according to which the lighting is to be standardized. In the past, there had always been controversial opinions between mayor martin rauscher and frank gallinsky (CSU). Gallinsky had also urged, above all, that defective lamps be replaced. Bergstrabe and simonsgasse are to receive uniform lighting, but it is proving more difficult at the bus stop in schlobstrabe. "An empty pipe is there, but we don’t know where it is", said 2. Mayor pollex-claus.

The bridge at the "beckenhaus" guesthouse is to be replaced as part of the city’s development plan newly built. Actually, the completion was scheduled for mid-july this year. Because of a flood in may, pollex-claus said, the tree removal will be delayed by six weeks and thus will not be completed until the end of august. "But even then the bridge is not yet equally passable, there must first be an alignment", pollex-claus explained. At least the floor of the emil kirchner gymnasium has been renovated and can be used again, as bastian buttner (CSU) informed us.

Where to put the sets?

The alliance for family has bought 60 beer sets. The municipal council did not like this, as there was neither a need for nor a place to store it. Currently, the sets are stored in the school, said pollex-claus.

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