Everything finds its buyer in munnerstadt

How many flea market traders came to the schutzengel market in munnerstadt on sunday?? This year, too, chief organizer peter braun made a secret out of it and emphasized: "as always, i won’t tell you that." In any case, there were again a lot of people who wanted to sell in the streets and alleys just about everything from chamber pots and holy pictures for the bedroom to used sewing machines, furniture and toys.

As always, there were lots of books, cds and records on offer – and they sold well too. Especially records are becoming more popular again. Some collectors hope to complete their collections at such flea markets. "I’ve been looking for a certain rolling stones record for years, maybe i’ll find it here", revealed klaus hertel from schweinfurt, as he was browsing through the offers of a coburg flea market trader.

From far away

At least this much peter braun liked to elicit: the flea market traders do not only come from munnerstadt and the surrounding area, but for example also from miltenberg, bamberg, gotha, aschaffenburg, wurzburg or schweinfurt. And the oldest dealer is 80 years old.

Just one look at the license plates of the vehicles parked at the upper gate made it clear that the spectrum of visitors was at least as broad as that of the flea market traders: NES, MIL, SW, SM, HAS, AB, wu, BA – everything was represented. The future of the flea market is a concern for peter braun. He liked that in a few years there will still be flea market traders. That’s why children didn’t have to pay a booth fee inside the market, so that they can get a taste for it and hopefully join in later on.Thorsten rathjen has been something of an institution for many years when it comes to used crime novels. But at his stand in the dark alley, he also offers books on many other topics. "Today it’s going really well", he was already looking forward to noon. The actual guardian angels market, which is connected with an open sunday, still has its charm for market traders and sellers.

A vacuum cleaner salesman from bad neustadt has been coming for many years, always stands in the same place and already knows his stand neighbors by name. He assures "the business is going well, otherwise I would not have come."
Among other things, hats, caps and scarves are on sale at the stand of a trader from schweinfurt. Ludwig hai is an employee in the family business of his father-in-law, who has often come to munnerstadt. He himself is here for the first time in years, but he knows from his own experience and that of his father-in-law: "there are definitely worse markets."

Karin humpfer has not far to go, she travels from rays and makes unique wooden jewelry. She is still a beginner as a market vendor. In munnerstadt she was already once at "musik und markte". As always at the markets, the flea market stores of the association "heimatspielhaus" and the animal protection association were open. On sunday, inge ertel, wolfgang kern, annemarie weese and others were busy selling not only flea market goods, but also 400 loose items for one euro each. Half of all the lots were prizes, which had all been donated.

Some of the individual traders had opened their stores. Shoe dealer michael moritz, for example, was quite satisfied with the business already in the early afternoon and said "even on such market days you can make sales". From experience, however, he knows that this does not apply to the christmas market, where the customers have been staying away for years for some unknown reason.

On sunday afternoon the second of three performances of the local play "schutzfrau von munnerstadt" went on over the stage. The weather was ideal, it didn’t rain, but no one had to fear a sunstroke either. That’s why not only those who had pre-ordered a ticket showed up. Many others decided to attend the performance at short notice. A total of 430 tickets were sold, said roman jonas, who as always stood guard at the box office.

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